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I took the impossible Anime Hairstyle Quiz

Bijuu Mike
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Can you guess the Anime only by the hairstyle? Its the Anime Hair Challenge

Video i reacted to –
The quiz –


  1. Not Mike out here flexing about having the full Naruto series. I feel ya tho.

  2. when i started watching banana fish i was like why's it called that but in a few episodes i understood

  3. Fun fact: half of the comment profile is anime

  4. 8:36 I legit kept trying to click on the x and then getting confused when the video paused

  5. Bijuu Mike: (Mentions Pumpkin Scissors and how he is confused by it)

    Me: Hey man. Pumpkin Scissors has a dope opening though dude.


  7. I just relised this new movie SPACE JAM comes out on my birthday it said (got a ad) (July 16)

  8. So code geass is saiki k and sauske mixed together

  9. I Got 26 In This Video But Not In The Real Video So I Did Better Than You Bijuu Mike I'm A Better Weeb Hahahaha

  10. Its kinda funny that im watching this and have barely Even gotten into anime👁👄👁

  11. ItS bAtMaN bruh batman isnt even an anime-

  12. Me when seven deadly sins pled up: 😳😁😁😁💃🏼💃🏼💃🏼🕴🕴🕴

  13. Is it just me or did Sōma’s hair kinda look like Kirishima’s…


  14. fun fact: the creator of food wars was a professional hent@i artist before making the anime

  15. Hi Bijuu Mike! My name is •◄-‰<╞▄ìÅ! I hope you remember it!

    Oh, you can't? Sorry! – Aiua

  16. I don't really watch anime (can't sit down and watch even the most interesting things if they take too much time so little to no development if I like it, either that or magoritabily development and slow) but watched cause you're funny and why not see if I at least recognise them from anywhere, whether I actually know their name or anime :).

    I have sat down and watched a little bit of a few anime but have only sat down and watched one.

  17. Inuyasha and demon slayer is my favorite animes :}

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