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i played the impossible quiz and i got a free migraine

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wow two videos in one week it’s all mad

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tiktok: amezianee


  1. You look like you would be really good at reaction videos

  2. Number 15 was the keyboard on a phone 😂😂😂

  3. this man is just showed up on my home page and I love this guy already, he has something many people don't – humor…

  4. you have to do a horror game fr it would be hilarious

  5. OH YESS. Found your channel in my recommended wth🤣so glad I found it omg.

  6. You record vids like you're live on twitch🤣

  7. ur really cool,, i hope you get more recognition. you defo deserve it because of ur authenticity

  8. just stumbled across this video, can’t wait to see your channel grow!

  9. “I just ate sorry mate” that was cold bro make a tune

  10. YouTube videos have gotten so scripted and over acted.. this honest and real content is so refreshing!!

  11. Just securing my spot for 3 years, don’t mind me.

  12. This dude talks like how my brain sounds and i dont know how to feel abt that

  13. Lmao first time finding your channel and subscribed

  14. my guy really started playing james arthur out of absolute nowhere hhahaaaa

  15. If u lot r here, nah fam, im asleep and dead too

  16. bruv i had to do a double take, i was like, why is that guy on tiktok here lol. subbed.

  17. This guys is So fun up your and I don’t think it’s on purpose

  18. obsessed with your tiktoks so I’m glad to see you’re on yt too

  19. First video I saw from you, subscribed immediately 🤝 you’ve got the vibes mate

  20. This guy is actually funny 🤣🤣🤣

  21. First video I’ve ever watched for this man and I cant stop laughing I love this


  23. Your words marked. It'll get 1 million soon!!

  24. fixodent is like a glue and you put it on the 'gum' part of the fake teeth and stick it to your toothless gum

  25. so reminiscent – i played this game when i was around 15 years ago!

  26. The hammer one is based on the song ‘U can’t touch this’ where he says “Stop!Hammertime”

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