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I Made an Impossible Geoguessr Tournament

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Long video be long don’t it


Company of Heroes
Total War: Warhammer II
Crusader Kings III
Crusader Kings II
Democracy 4


00:00 Introduction
3:28 Round 1
28:49 Round 2
43:39 Round 3
1:00:03 Round 4
1:11:13 Round 5
1:22:28 Round 6
1:32:20 Round 7
1:42:30 End


  1. Holy crap! I knew exactly where that one McDonald's was!!?

  2. can't believe i watched the whole vid, very worthy!

  3. Idk how GeoGuesser works, but please give RainBolt access to these maps

  4. Never expected to see a place I'd literally been to, but, Buzz Mill?????????????

  5. Usa makes oversized chickens, Australia makes oversized crab

  6. A list of truly wild searches in the tabs as this video went on:

    7:00 [24 HOURS] The Halo Series

    11:23 “Eggs” “How to get into the yogscast” “Mechagodzilla”

    13:56 “Vore” “Is Carbon Monoxide Healthy?”

    16:17 “Why does it hurt when I pee?” “How to tie a noose” “Painless deaths” “Pacific Yurts” some random p0rn video

  7. I love how there was a disclaimer about how loud it is, but when you're in enough discord calls you just don't care about the loudness

  8. I was rooting for Maivi, but I never would have guessed she'd actually take the win!!

  9. He should have put one of just random places in Texas

  10. Aw man I'm from Puerto Rico and I instantly recognized Puerto Rico at 40:50 and wanted to see how close they would get

  11. Perhaps the only GeoGuesser tournament that could be won by someone who doesn't know where the Amazon rainforest is located.

  12. This was very entertaining to watch as a brazilian

  13. As a brazilian I can confirm: sometimes is really hard to say if a location is on brazil or not, the entire latin America looks similar, lol

  14. If Europe is supposed to have locations not in europe, you failed your mision.

  15. that hamleys in egypt is 5 minutes away from my house 💀

  16. damn i wanted to see The Official Valefisk™ Porn Channel

  17. I really miss the times when everybody was doing this kinda stuff

  18. the one where candy got the canarian island i was like, hold up this looks familiar 🙂 i was there on vacation with my family like a year ago

  19. I love how Vale's excited when every map set is selected

  20. me: oh bristol. like the yogscast.

    video: hes joining the yogscast!!

  21. oh man this reminds me of the Geography Bee in middle school. at the beginning, every social studies class was quizzed so they could pick the official contestants for the real event. First it started small like "Which southern state…" but at the end it was literally any country in the world.

    I had zero expectations for myself. When it was my turn, I just kinda shrugged, thought "I think I heard something that makes me think Middle East," so I said "I don't know, uhhhh… Turkey?"


  22. Thanks to this video playing in the background. I was able to grow my Plants vs Zombies Tree of Wisdom to 1000 Feet! Thank you for the amazing content. I liked and subscribed!

  23. the purposeful jokes in the browser tabs are so simple and so funny

    1:02:01 it actually took me a minute to even realize what was wrong lmao

  24. I'm remaking all of these maps and a few of my own in Geotastic
    Because I refuse to pay for a Geoguessr subscription yet I still want to torture my friends and family

  25. The Official "Project Shadow" Youtube Channel says:

    Fun fact: you can see the tardis interior on google maps as an easter egg, now the next time you might do this you can stump everyone by making them appear in the doctors tardis like some twilight episode bs.

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