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I Made an Impossible Geoguessr Tournament

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Long video be long don’t it


Company of Heroes
Total War: Warhammer II
Crusader Kings III
Crusader Kings II
Democracy 4


00:00 Introduction
3:28 Round 1
28:49 Round 2
43:39 Round 3
1:00:03 Round 4
1:11:13 Round 5
1:22:28 Round 6
1:32:20 Round 7
1:42:30 End


  1. I just held my own geoguessr torture tournament, thanks for the idea! My “friends” won’t talk to me now 🙂

  2. Fun fact: I've actually played that arcade game that said "win up to 500 tickets!". I died in seconds, but since the arcade was new I still got into the top 10 scores because not enough people had played it, and it dispensed 500 tickets all individually for like 5 minutes

  3. ‘I’ve subtitled the next hour and forty five minutes which was a really painful experience’ yeah I feel you

  4. I'd love to play around the world in 80 toilets with 80 rounds.

  5. I live near that second round Kansas one

  6. Valefisk speedchievmentguesser when? Guess the speedchievment from the first 4 seconds of the video.

  7. 1:40:00
    Me: "That kind of looks like places I've been in the Azores, but I'm always wrong about that, so it probably isn't."
    Reality: It's on the exact island I was thinking of, I've probably been in that exact spot.
    Edit: wow I have a picture of the exact area you see as she's panning around between 1:40:00 and 1:40:01. Here's a screenshot of it with the EXIF data and my username as a caption: files(.)catbox(.)moe/xp9253(.)PNG
    I also have a shot of that gazebo from a different angle, and a bunch from the nearby volcano cave you can walk through.

  8. The fact that I recognised the North Korean one somehow?????

  9. Now Maivi can crank them 90’s as Beerus in the hit game “Fortnite”


  11. as someone who lives in milwaukee, can confirm it is in japan

  12. I thought the Tom Hanks one was based off Castaway.

    Also, it'd been really funny if all of the pictures from that map were taken from Philadelphia.


  14. There were so many SCP references in this video I love it

  15. Какого хуя тут так много Норильска

  16. I've driven along that road at 1:15:01 the Glitch one that wasn't actually glitched! I thought it looked familiar?! That's crazy

  17. 1:13:19 is absolutely wrong, there is no land between Mallorca and Tarragona. It could definitely be Spain, just not in the middle of the sea.

  18. the first parking lot is literally my town wtf, something to be proud of

  19. 22:49 i never see anyone acknowledge how absolutely godawful scottish internet is. the really do have 5 wifi bars, that’s just now it is here

  20. if i had a nickel for each time ive seen a video feature yurts id have 2 nickels somehow

  21. why are there only 5 locations in 80 toilets. this seems like false advertising

  22. I don't get the same map reversed position thing

  23. 9:20
    >clearly has the American star marking that was shown in every WW2 movie ever

  24. No ones gonna talk about what the person at 0:11 has in their bar up top?

  25. Why does Lynx have a google tab just labeled "eggs?"

  26. why the fuck did solll have so many youtube tabs open?

  27. the fact that Valefisk has pissed 3 times in the makings of this video tells a lot about our society

  28. Nevermind the tab where he googled “is carbon monoxide healthy?”

  29. Cheering for Maivi is such a roller coaster of emotions.

  30. this took 10 months of my life but i don't want them back

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