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I Made 100 Players Escape An Impossible Maze!

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We made a huge impossible maze in Minecraft, and the first person to beat it wins the prize. Also Tommyinnit is in this so yeah, you’ll wanna watch.

Huge shoutout to Tommyinnit for being in our video! Check him out here:


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  1. I always feel so annoyed when they break blocks to screw people over. If that was me, I'd probably hate them forever.

  2. I dont like tommy, he is so annoying

  3. its kinda unusual hearing tommy call jimmy big j lol

  4. i watch your videos every day pls make a video of making the best fort

  5. Id love if Mr Beast gave increasingly bizarre prizes.

  6. Who spotted at the end it looked like his eyes where getting watery

  7. i dot think he wil akchelie get 10 years of free yogurt i think he wil get yogurt hem self fromthe store to but no hate so love your vids love you tommy chantler mr beast sorry for spelling chantler wrong

  8. The vid isn’t the same without Chris 😩😖

  9. 2:25 the way they all jumped and karl laughed was so adorable and funny

  10. a hola soy latino xd ven a latam mr beast porfaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  11. The reason they mom likes yogurt is because they saw some yogurt stain on their bed.

  12. Mr beast girlfriend name should b Mrs. Beast,, lol hehe 🙂

  13. Tommy did not find the hacker all by him self chanler did to

  14. Surprised no one said “I don’t care if I win anymore in the discord voice chat….

  15. Interesting (YT Minecraft Thumbnail Tutorial Channel) 100% Real ✅

  16. Is mrbeast crying at the end of the vid?

  17. me: takes yogurt out of fridge
    clicks on video….
    Hears abou ten year supply
    Opens fridge.
    Me: wow i already have a ten year supply

  18. Tommy: but niko we can be friends before you…

    Niko: ** you Tommy

  19. Metro Virginia fokin mean The People video original

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