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I Finally Played The IMPOSSIBLE QUIZ…

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The Impossible Quiz, I’m told, is one of the most TROLLY games available on the internet and has been for over a decade. Is it really that bad or will I be able to avoid all the trolls set for me? Let’s find out!

Big thanks to Chris for editing this video!

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  1. This quiz is PAINFULLY stupid.

    If it didn't feel rude, I would have left and picked a better DGR video many minutes ago 🙁

  2. I'm not surprised DGR didn't finish. That quiz was total troll nonsense when it was made, but now the references don't even make sense, so it's even worse. Oh well, it is what it is. I'm sure it's nostalgic for a number of people at least.

  3. Thank you DGR for trying to give some fans want they want by playing this game … unfortunately, those fans very much wanted you to suffer; thank you for your sacrifice

  4. At this point, it was about time. This game and you go together like bread and butter, so I’m surprised it took you this long to play it. Also, have you played Unfair Mario?

  5. DGR try to bit my level in super mario maker 2 PJ8-942-G1H

  6. I saw part of this on stream and I am ready for entertainment.

  7. GEOMETRY DASH ON MAIN CHANNEL NEXT I know you already did it

  8. The average YouTuber IQ, and it ain’t 171.

  9. Dave at least three times: no hints or spoilers


  10. I'm glad you finally put your "171" iq to the test.

  11. I hope he isn't using the HTML version, because that one is literally impossible.

  12. I think it’s a good thing you didn’t keep going. I looked up the full play through of this and the questions that were coming up would have been too much for this channel.

  13. I like this about DGR. He'll sometimes come with an unexpected game for us like this. I never knew this one. I'm gonna try it myself… 👀

  14. Some of the questions have quite clever trickery but are reasonable, some just seem like trial and error, some seem to be intentionally trolly, and… what the heck was with that one that had Sonic's nose being cut off!? Even if this is supposed to be trolly, why include something like that in there?

  15. after he hit begin he said "Slarpp – Me – Do" instead of "SPLAP – ME – DO" and that kind of annoys me that he didn't say it right.

  16. @DGR after you hit begin you said "Slarpp – Me – Do" instead of "SPLAP – ME – DO" and that kind of annoys me that you didn't say it right.

  17. well it asked for the 7th letter in "The Alphabet"

  18. odd that dave happened to play this really old game that references bridget guilty gear, on the very same day we all learned some significant news about bridget guilty gear 🏳‍⚧

  19. am i the only one dejavu here? or is this a reupload?

  20. Why is it H? Because you need to count "the alphabet", not "alphabet".

  21. 18:48 I would say the answer is the last option. It translates to ROFL.

  22. Some of them were kind of amusing, but the fact that there were no checkpoints was kind of a pain in the butt..

  23. Sorry but this video is boring AF. He isn't even trying, clicks randomly gets it wrong and then acts angry and repeats. What's the point if you won't even try. I just left after the 10th question.

  24. Watching an old GameFAQs quiz makes me feel… well it's not pride that I feel, that's for sure.

  25. 6:13 I can't help but bang my head here. I mean, it's so obvious. Isn't it?


  27. hey you should try THE I M P O S S I B L E QUIZ 2

  28. As someone who was there for the stream: the people who kept breaking the rules ruined the experience for a lot of us. We just wanted to chat normally, but emote-only took that away. 😢

  29. 4:00 The second letter after December in the question is n
    5:33 The 7th letter in the words “The alphabet” is h.
    7:24 It’s because of the phrase “Seal the deal!”

  30. 1: t 2: h 3: e 4: a 4: l 5: p 6: h 7: a i think the person who made this quiz doesn't know how numbers work, the 7th later of "the alphabet" is "a" lol

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