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I Failed the World’s Easiest Game

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  1. Mary and Suzy both ate the same amount, because 2/4 is equal to 4/8. So it’s neither

  2. it said alice was 14, then it says ON HER BIRTHDAY she gets a car, which meant she was 16 or older because that is the legal age to drive a car

  3. it said how old was alice so basicly before her birthday when she turned 14 so the answer is 13

  4. At the last question it said that on ALICE'S BIRTHDAY she went with her car….. So Alice was 15 not 14

  5. Alice is 14
    It said how old was Alice and it was her birthday

  6. Why did Sam have to count his fingers like that he went thumb index middle pinky ring

  7. The last question said that on Alice's birthday she drove the car so she was 15 at that time.

  8. Sam the question with the Girls and the Pizza was ralking about fractions 4/8 is the same as 2/4 which is 1/2

  9. Also when it asked how old was Alice it was how old WAS Alice not is

  10. 5:24 it’s neither because Mary ate 2/4 and Suzy ate 4/8 Suzy might of ate more slices but both ate 1/2 because 4-2=2 and 8-4=4 it’s basic math 2 is half of 4 and 4 is half of 8.

    9:01 it’s 15 because it says on her birthday she was 14 now she’s 15 it’s so simple.

  11. The Mary and Suzy question was neither because 2/4 is half and 4/8 is half

  12. alice was sixteen because you cant drive when youre fourteen

  13. Just because it said Alice is 14 then after that it said it was her birthday

  14. 5:25 Mary ate 2 out of 4, which is half of it. Suzy at 4 out of 8, which is 1 half. So it is the same

  15. Are we not gonna talk about how he counted on his hand in timestamp Are we not gonna talk about how he counted on his hand in timestamp 4:19

  16. Sam: “What kinda guy likes purple?!”

    “What’s ur favorite color”
    Also sam: “purple”

  17. You wish England! Me: Actually the presentation shows England being bigger.

  18. Alice was 14 but it was her birthday so she is 15

  19. That wasn't England at 6:07 it was the entire island of Britain! Still smaller than the US but bigger than one country.

  20. Sam: What’s man favorite color is purple
    Also Sam: My favorite color purple

  21. bro the slices got me in tears💀💀

    you literally chop pizza, if you chop it to 4 slices, in would be 4 quaters, meaning that mary ate half of the pizza
    meanwhile, if you chop pizza to 8 slices you double the size, meaning suzy ate a quarter of the pizza

    p.s. i am pretty sure someone explained that before me, i just got so mad that i needed to vent about it

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