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I Failed the World’s Easiest Game

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  1. 5:26 2 out of 4 = 1/2, and 4 out of 8 = 2/4 = 1/2. They each ate half a pizza, so the answer is neither. 9:00 ON HER BIRTHDAY. She's 15 now.

  2. Question 33 answer: 2/4 is the same as 4/8: They both equal .5; The only difference is how many slices the pizza was cut up into. The sizes of the pizza are the same, so it's D: Neither.

  3. Mary and suzie both equally ate a halve of a pizza

  4. 2/4 and 4/8 are bo5 half, this guy needs to go back to 2nd grade

  5. It said that it was on Alice’s birthday which means she was turning 15

  6. alice was 13 bc she in her car in her birth day

  7. Let’s just not talk about how he failed the easiest quiz ever

  8. How is Alice not in jail for underage driving

  9. 5:282 out of 4 is 1/2 and 4 out of 8 is 1/2 so the answer should be neither

  10. 9:12
    IDK why I'm writing this
    I am just writing this to get top at the timed comments

  11. Last question answer: 13
    Because sentence was kinda in past

  12. The moon when you said it was not cheese the moon was keys on the

  13. It said alice WAS 14
    And then it said on her BIRTHDAY
    So alice is 15
    Because its her birthday so she turned 15

  14. Game : how many cups in a quart?

    Sam: idk im an american


  15. 5:21 its incorrect because 2/4 = 1/2 and 4/8 = 1/2 so 2/4=4/8 so the answer is neither.

  16. For the pizza question they both ate half

    2/4 simplifies to 1/2
    4/8 simplifies to 1/2

  17. 5:30 its incorrect because 2/4 and 4/8 both have the same value. (50%)

    meaning they both ate half the pizza

  18. Isn’t this the man that beat the Oregon Trail in five minutes

  19. But Australia is bigger than America😂😂

  20. We need to see sam’s editor play this game 🤣

  21. “It’s like- an arthropod right?”

    Yup, definitely not an arachnid.

  22. Who da foek said that there are less then 4 seasons in the world except america

  23. 6:29, they meant the pic of the moon on the question, which was cheese

  24. They both ate the same amount of there pizza cause 2 fourths and 4 eights and equal 1 half

  25. On the pizza one, they're saying that one of the pizza's was cut into 4 slices, and the other was cut into 8, so the one who ate 2 of 4 ate the same amount as the one who ate 4 of 8.

  26. the answer to the math questioun on pizza was neither, those people who learndmaths would know

  27. 5:18 the answer is neither because Mary ate 2/4 which is half and 4/8 is also half so both ate the same amount

  28. About the pizza question:
    2 out of 4 and 4 out of 8 are both half.

  29. He answered wrong on question 13 it said, I had 27 flowers, sadly, all but 14 died. How many are left? It would be 13 but he said 14

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