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I Failed A Basic Video Game Quiz

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S/O to Trash Taste After Dark for the Questions


  1. “I played Minecraft and never touched the game since I fell in lava.”

    Me starts raging: 💀💀

  2. Bro you don't know wut dark souls is you are not a game

  3. No man’s sky is a space exploration game with procedurally generated planets, which means the game itself is its own universe. And it is said to have over 18 quintillion planets. I play it occasionally, not a bad game.

  4. On the one with the first game played in space it didn’t mean the game and the game is in space it means that the game was played by somebody that was in space

  5. I knew the 5th question. "What was the first game played in space?" Tetris. Cuz' IT WAS PLAYED IN A SPACESHIP!!!

  6. The press F to pay respects meme, arkham knight did it way before cod.

  7. When it sed first video game played in space it meant a astronaut played it in space

  8. They never said guess the ghast looks like a cat they said it sound like a cat man this guy is stupid no wonder he did terrible on this test

  9. Question 5 meant that when astronauts went into space, which video game was the first one to played by an astronaut, if you were confused.

  10. Why one of call of duty images is a cod mobile screenshot whyyyyy

  11. I never would’ve thought I would hear him talk about how a game is about modeling then say “dollhouse simulator” 💀

  12. In the first Zelda game, the reason the Ruppee cap is 255 because the NES was 8-bit, and a 8-bit counter can only go from 0 to 255 without causing issues.

  13. 2:05 I love how he said Space Invaders because his logic was it was set in space but in reality the question meant what game was first played by an astronaut while they were in space

  14. 3:47 it is not based off a cat by design, but it is the noise a dev's cat made while sleeping.

  15. the dj with the thing on his head
    that actually made me think that marshmello and deadmau5 are kinda similar

  16. I got 1/24 and i didn't really even get the one

  17. when he said the sims i got an ad for the sims lol

  18. They never said the ghast was a cat they said its sound is from a cat how are you so dumb

  19. Sam doesn't know how to read I'm convinced this is a joke

  20. “The dj with the thing on his head” 💀

  21. EA SPORTS: ITS IN THE GAME!!!!!!!💀💀💀

  22. 2:05 I don’t think he realized that they meant actually played in space

  23. Mario is actually a real person name so when Nintendo was going to call Mario Juno man but American executives at Nintendo were cold on the name then miyamoto found out that workers in Nintendo’s Washington warehouse were calling the character Mario why ? The warehouses landlord Mario segale the end

  24. being a retro gamer a all knowlagable gamer the first ten i knew amedietly

  25. No negative energy only positive energy🧿🧿🧿🧿🧿🧿🧿🧿🧿

  26. No negative energy only positive energy🧿🧿🧿🧿🧿🧿🧿🧿🧿

  27. you never heard of dark souls well play it in your next video!!!

  28. The more I watch Sam, I realise how much he doesn't know anything about games and how anything he doesn't believe in or like is automatically wrong. Also he barely shows emotion.

  29. first of all. minecraft is (technically) infinite because you can get past the border but if now then well….. no mans sky has over 700,000 light years until you get to the center of ONE GALAXY

  30. why does he not know anything about pop culture 💀💀💀

  31. i always thought their noises sounded like donkeys

  32. Bro for the ghast the question was “WHAT WAS THE SOUND SOURCE FOR THE GHAST?” not “WHAT WERE THE LOOKS OF A GHAST BASED OFF OF?”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!👻=🐱

  33. As it ment “played in space”
    It ment a random guy brung a Nintendo ds to space

  34. This is the first full video of you I've ever watched. I've only been recommended your shorts.

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