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I Failed A Basic Video Game Quiz

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S/O to Trash Taste After Dark for the Questions


  1. I only knew that it was half life because it’s a really good fps from the 90s

  2. Bruh it means played in space not space themed

  3. He knows what Dota is but he doesn’t know what a Famicom is?

  4. Played in space means that someone played it in space

  5. 0:59 It's $20 a year. It's not monthly. Why does everyone think its monthly? They only do $4 for a month, and $8 for 3 months. Not $20 monthly.

  6. Bro mined for diamonds at the surface 💀😂

  7. I am not trying to be mean or anything but can you smile more in your videos

  8. If you don't know Sam lives under a rock, "Ninja and Marshmello" "Whoever that is?" WTF do you mean by that means🤣🤣🤣

  9. As a person who plays no man's sky i kan say how big it is.

    It is a whole freaking universe!!!

  10. Bro after he said 5:13 a dollhouse the Barbie movie showed up as a ad

  11. 6:506:52
    GIVE SAM CREDIT RN ( he got " EA sports, it's in the game" correctly, and some FANS thought it was EA sports, to the game")😂

  12. The call of duty that first did that was “call of duty: Advanced Warfare” P.S. I played this for hours on end, and the two main characters are Gideon and Michael I don’t know how to spell The the character you play as I spelled it as michael

  13. Bro the Famicom was the Japanese version of the NES

  14. for question 5, it meant what was the first video game played by someone in space, not the first one that takes place in space, but the way it said it was misleading

  15. You know you never touched grass when you’re screaming the answer to most questions

  16. 3:27 Sam is the type of guy who digs for diamonds while swimming in lava with his golden axe 💀

  17. I got 11
    (By the way I got the Zelda gem one correct by guessing the highest effect number a command can do and Tetris)

  18. For the space question they meant which game was first played in IRL space

  19. Minecraft uses infgen… technically it's as large as the universe

  20. Me watching this a day after hims speedrunning oregan trail

  21. 2:07 Meaning To Be Played By Someone In Space. A Russian Astronaut Brought His Gameboy.

  22. The Famicon is just the NES on Japan, and older then the NES.

  23. Rockstar doesn't just Make GTA games it also makes RDR games

  24. Bro said the first game to be played in space was space invaders.


  25. On every video he uploads he uses the same thumnail

  26. For the stupid ones out there the person on the thumbnail is Luigi

  27. as one of the youtube moderators involved in this quiz I can confirm when you said you have never heard of dark souls we paused the video and ignored the results, your gamer privilege has been revoked

  28. The ghast sound not the look it’s made by a cat the sound is made by a cat and if you see a lot of pigs then it does not matter

  29. How tf does he not know dark souls it iconic

  30. Ain't no freaking way he said Guns N roses was unpopular and poor

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