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I Challenged Hivemind to The Impossible Genre Quiz

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Do Riley and Dignan stand any chance against the most intense game show of the century?

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Their upcoming tour:


real genre examples:



Follow your melon:

All editing by Austen unless there’s another credit above.


  1. Shame on diggy for taking this opportunity away from Graydon ): so mean

  2. has he reviewed graydons family photo album yet?

  3. Closest well ever get to fantano talking about heccra

  4. COLLAB OF THE CENTURY im genuinely tweaking

  5. AUSTIN IS A GIRL?????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  6. I wonder if he could send them a example of each of these genres

  7. This video is awesome dude I’d love to see more content with hivemind your chemistry together works so well it’s hilarious

  8. as someone who likes the idea of epic doom but wants something a little less… what it is, i have in fact googled epic sludge to see if it was a real thing lmao

  9. The entire T-pop industry when Fantano said it doesn't exist: 🥺🥹😢😭☠️

  10. Now for Fantano to enter their yellow void.

  11. Damn, I haven’t heard of Balkan Beat Box in a while. I used to listen to Adir adirim on repeat.

  12. yea yea melon man, when's the weaver family photo album review coming

  13. Can't believe the kids don't know what turbo folk is anymore

  14. damn, both BradTasteInMusic and HiveMind within a short time? you're spoiling us Fantano

  15. could you play a song to these genres, I think that would be nice

  16. you need to get your ass in front of that yellow wall, Anthony

  17. Started shaking when I saw Turbo Folk, my Balkans genes started quivering

  18. I like this matchup but why do some of Anthony’s laughs seemed forced and over the top

  19. riley’s mustache is lookin thicc in this video

  20. wait you called him dignan? fantano knows the lore

  21. Yo acid bass is real though am k going crazy?

  22. I have been taken completely off guard by Riley acknowledging the existence of David Gray. My parents are super into him, but I hardly hear anybody talk about him outside our household.

  23. was this actually Dignan or did Anthony genuinely think his real name was Dignan, not even as a bit lol

  24. Who else was chanting for Shitgaze while they were rationalizing their first answer?

  25. Bob Dylans entire pre 70s catalog is quite literally Bob Dylan on Adderall. There was one point when he didn't sleep for an entire month, I heard.

  26. I lied. I knew easycore. That Heccra project is pretty sick!

  27. This would've been a 2 hour video on hivemind

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