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I Challenged Brad Taste In Music to The Impossible Genre Quiz

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Does Bradley even stand a chance against the most ferocious game show ever devised?

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  1. Anyone else surprise themselves by actually knowing a couple of these? I managed to get the last two and I'm still wracking my brain trying to figure out where I had possibly heard of them before.

  2. What a beautiful collab 🙂
    Shoutout to Polysics, Fifa 07 nostalgia right there!
    Big up Installation Music.

  3. Somebody pls make Installation music real….


  4. Afrowave should be a thing. Combine Afrobeat and New Wave. If you're more experimental – combine Afrobeat and No Wave.

  5. fantano really came out here like "you know i had to do it to 'im" lmao

  6. as someone who has gotten every single one of these right when watching the previous videos (🤓), this was easily the hardest one yet so i dont even blame brad for missing them all. i wouldve missed two myself (though in fairness, yoruba chants ARE a real thing but the closest thing on rym is "yoruba music," and you WERE pretty vile for using an aka for slowstyle). yall are silly for acting like the grebo one was so crazy tho. who doesnt know grebo? PWEI, etc… cool genre

  7. 4/5, does that mean I’m allowed to give Brad a hard time?

  8. Quadeca gotta be the next guest for this series

  9. I truly can’t believe I got more correct than Bradley did (I only got 1/5 but still)

  10. This video series is genius, been cracking up at every installment

  11. I did pretty well off gut instinct and prior knowledge

  12. The true ones remember i set my friends on fire made shit with smosh

  13. How the fuck is Yoruba chant a fake genre? The yoruba are a real ethnic group with oral chanting. Sure it isin't "consumable" music but it technically exists as its own genre

  14. BRAD FINALLY LEVELED UP!! (proves all the more his life is a video game)

  15. dude appalachian singing saw music is real… why was it wrong????

  16. Grebo was the only word that sounded like english so I feel like with the UK hint that one was possible to guess, but generally the 'Impossible' in the title seems pretty accurate. Bullying at its finest <3

  17. to think i would be a millionare because of the fourth batch
    certain i've heard grebo somewhere

  18. I got 2/5 which is a failing grade but hey at least it's better than Brad

  19. Pleased to say I knew #4 off the bat – the perks of reading the works of a number of 90s British music journalists

  20. I was eating and the penultimate batch almost killed me 🤣🤣🤣

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