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I Broke The Impossible Quiz

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  1. The thing is that on mobile on the meteors it completely breaks and your stuck there

  2. Are you sure this works cuz I tried and it didn’t work 🤔🤔🤔

  3. I almost finished the imposible Puig

  4. Wait intil you beat the impossible quiz book

  5. it is really impossible for me bc it freezes at level 90

  6. This happened to me but it still said how many lives I had

  7. it happened to me too i dont remember how to do it but i think i left it then went back in and when i died i had the lives

  8. What do you mean you clicked all the roots?

  9. it happend to me and i continued the game but it did end up breaking and i lost, and since i died to a bomb a glitch occurred where about every five seconds a bomb goes off

  10. I actually broke the impossible quiz in a different browser. I hovered my mouse over the button that makes you fail so fast that the game got me stuck in the animation where you get a skip. The way to get out is slowly waiting for the animation to finish. Also, i kinda randomly skipped questions. I didn't even have to skip. That's my experience.

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