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I Broke The Impossible Quiz

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  1. it works lol im on level 104 rn loledit 1 min later: if you die on the asteroids you have to restart your game you get stuck on game over screen

  2. Legends say that he is stuck in question 110 beacause of skips

  3. I tried this myself and it didn't work. Did I not do it fast enough?

  4. If that’s the case, it’s impossible to beat question 107. You are suppose to lose all your lives in question 107 and get a fake game over. Then wait for a while and boom. Next question. But if you have infinite lives it’s impossible to do so

  5. That one’s happened to me when my sister head a try

  6. did poki change the answer to question 60? bc on newgrounds it is yes but you answered no and it was correct… just wondering

  7. Because you are playing this on poki that's why

  8. still you cant win that run becuz for the last question you need to give up all 7 of your skips and u have 1

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