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I Beat The Impossible Quiz

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  1. Yeah the last question is like “how many dots were in question 50?”. Don’t worry I do not remember the actual question 😉

  2. The Last question needs u to use ALL your skips, so you gotta reach the end end without skipping any question


  4. Y’all should’ve seen my face when he broke Sonic’s leg 😫

  5. The quiz made me want to unalive myself

  6. sonic has felt worse. if IDW is cannon, he has been almost turned into a robot zombie.

  7. So Sam flawlessly beat the impossible quiz but failed miserably at the world's easiest quiz?😂

  8. Bro looked up the answers now way he got some of the dumbest questions on there first try only using a skip to the end

  9. Bruh you literally sped ran this game a year before you did the quiz.

  10. Sams the type of goober to say Geronimo when he’s jumping into a pool

  11. erm but youre a liar!!1!!1

    if its an impossible quiz, then its impossible to beat it!!!1!!! >:(

  12. I remember getting so mad at this game when I was a kid omg

  13. I beat this tons of times with my friends in like 5th grade lol

  14. I haven't watched the video yet but i think the last question is to give your skips

  15. Anyone notices how he beat this a year ago?

  16. I forgot the impossible quiz even existed

  17. Your videos seem different. Did you hire a new editor or something?

  18. He was looking at a different direction randomly

  19. Bro we saw your impossible quiz speed runs it wasn’t your first try

  20. At the question where you rip the paper he knew exactly what to do since his mouse has hovering over the spot where you rip. That’s how I knew it was fake.

  21. I've been trying to beat the impossible quiz for like 5 years, I've gotten to about question 100 but I failed

  22. At 110 you must win by not using skips

  23. Wrong dropping your herbs and spices cabinet is a huge waste of thyme

  24. “Breaking sonic legs sorry sonic, im feeling great”

  25. oh yeah? well i’m a..
    a dumb person with a lot of time.

  26. How did he fail a common sense quiz but beat the impossible quiz first try🤔

  27. It’s me sonic the hedgehog and I just got back from the medical hospital. It’s OK but I will come for you. Wait that’s robotics. Sorry.

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