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I Beat The Impossible Quiz

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  1. bro still cant do common sence quiz 😂

  2. Devs rn: gotta update game name to possible quiz

  3. The last question is to put all your skips in you get after progressing

  4. Wrong you cant complete it it’s impossible smh

  5. I remember this from elementary school

  6. when u fail the easiest quiz but u pas th impossible quiz on 1st try

  7. as a sonic fan im deeply traumatised that you broke his leg

  8. 110th question is U have to use lal the skips the Mac Limit If U dont have them U cant do it

  9. Looks like someone forgot they literally used to speedrun the impossible quiz

  10. Even ssundee played this

  11. i bEAt tHE ImpOSSIBLe qUiz fIRst TRy. We all know this is your 4 attempt with youtube tutorials playing in the background.

  12. Bro, why you had to show us the sonics, broken leg😵

  13. it’s that he didn’t use the skips

  14. I relate I'm a logical person with a lot of time 😂 the only thing we have in this world

  15. Logical person whell that's a big fat lie😂

  16. No you didnt you just looked the awnsers up in Wikipedia and said that this quiz is logical

  17. Broooo that’s not fair I spent my whole childhood doing this and I gave up on like level 80!!!

  18. Mark Zuckerberg 2.0 has broken sonics leg.😂

  19. Rossetti's logical that he prefers Lola Bunny over bugs Bunny

  20. Sam:and breaking Sonic’s leg
    Me:well that’s disturbing

  21. He definitely didn’t used to speed run this game

  22. is it just me that watches his vids bc he’s so hot?

  23. So you don't have to waste your time on watching this video the final question has you use all your skips that you earned throughout the quiz

  24. Bro literally was acting like he never played it, he literally speedrunned this game years ago in 5 Minutes

  25. Just to let you know he did not do it on his first try there are videos he deleted where it took him about a hour and he speed ran and even said he played it in high school

  26. This video should have been released on April 1st

    Man played this 2 years ago and then again 1 year ago and now he says he has never played thi- I am convinced that there are thousands of Sabucha clones in the basement

  27. “Am a logical person” says the guy who thought Steve is made of paper.

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