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I Beat The Impossible Quiz Book

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A chronicle of me beating all three chapters of The Impossible Quiz Book (Not to be confused with The Impossible Quiz 3 of course.)

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0:00 Chapter 1
19:35 Chapter 2
1:30:05 Chapter 3

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Cleric Beast | Bloodborne OST – Tsukasa Saitoh
Cry of The Unheard – REPULSIVE
Seductive Treasure – Colors of Illusion (ES)
Took It Too Far – Toby Tranter (ES)

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  1. Proud to say I caught some of the streams! Sad the saga is over, but I had a great time watching all your videos on them. 💛

  2. random guy: Are you milking Impossible Quiz at this point?
    tamago2474: a b s o l u t e ly

  3. I love these videos but my lil bro makes me put something else on 😢

  4. Only thing I hate when watching these is when tamago fails only ONCE and then the chat tries to spoil bruh

  5. 44:39 a trick for binary division by 2 is to shift all the bits right by one. that's how your computer does it. same thing with multiplying by two. it's just a shift left.

  6. Impossible quiz destroy impossible quiz but if impossible quiz is destroy then impossible quiz cant destroy it self?

    The impossible quiz paradox

  7. the possible quiz series may have concluded, but we still get this. that’s fine by me.

    also the answer to question 57 is because there are enemies in sonic the hedgehog called crabmeat. as a sonic nerd, seeing your performance on that question totally killed me inside.

  8. 1:32:54 and that is how the universe was created , tamago typed bang on his keyboard

  9. On the Red Ring of Death question you forgot that “Fanboy-ism = No Good”

  10. Then you can try my game! Coming 2029 “The Impossible Quiz 3”! 250 Questions!

  11. Now he only has The Impossible Quizmas left

  12. They gotta make an impossible quiz collection on steam and console with all of the games plus (maybe) new content

  13. Whos ready for tamago to get an A in chapter 2

  14. I can't believe the amount of Team Fortress 2 references in this game. TF2 sound effects are everywhere and at 26:59 the alien says nope.avi

  15. I saw the code before him. I got so far as 5719 This Timestamp – 42:46 <—— about there

  16. 51:13 my favourite part of watching the stream live, what a fun few days of streaming this was, really didn't expect a video but loved re watching, you nailed it Tamago. 🙂

  17. I know we were spoiled by the last two videos, but…man, this is a disappointment. Not just because theres no high-quality voiceover, but because it feels like you gave up with this one. I know its exhausting and difficult, but chat literally spoiled all of the answers and it doesnt feel like you really figured a lot of this out on your own. Im grateful for the the last two vids, but this one is just another playthrough by comparison, which I've already seen a dozen times over

  18. i wanna play this, except i dont know where to find it, anyone that knows?
    [like not flash, something diffrent then flash]

  19. 1:33:43 The heiroglyphs on this question spell bomb
    and yes i made this comment to feel special


  21. How dare you 145 is germany you suck at germany😒

  22. I thought the whole premise was that the characters couldn't remember anything, but the last question in ch2 required you to remember the code?

  23. Bro fr panicking on the "Was ist dein Lieblingsfarbe" (What is your favourite color) question was wayy too funny.

  24. I can't lie, this series that you have with impossible quiz is so cold. It's good work g

  25. holy shit, i thought of your channel for the first time in 3 years and here you are still uploading. most random thought ngl shit just popped up used to watch you like yeaaars ago

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