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I beat the hardest level of the Impossible Quiz…

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  1. this is literally the easiest level in the entire game and you say its impossible

  2. My brother did this, im not really surprised but good job to him lol.

  3. how is this the hardest level, it even took Dan and Phil only a few seconds 💀

  4. Bruh I remember this game! Now it's over 15 years old. Younger kids will never understand this game.

  5. Ppl who have TOUCH screen -_-
    " what's so difficult"

  6. I used to love this haha I think I was in high school when this was out like 2005-2009 …can’t remember.

  7. Personally I think the one with the asteroids is hardest

  8. Bro this is one of the easiest levels in the whole fucking game

  9. I mean I just assumed the title was a joke but alright

  10. Everybody did it that way, but I just pressed and hold while going across!

  11. He used skips so he can’t beat it anyways, also this is the easiest level on there

  12. “Can’t I just right click”

    lol he is definitely pretending to not have looked that up

  13. I’m sad I was playing this the other day and I got halfway, then lost my last life on the next level

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