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I Answered The Hardest Questions On The Internet

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  1. The egg came first because of various dino eggs and even fish eggs

  2. Everybody knows diehard is a Christmas movie

  3. I actually think a strall has 0 holes, because you can take a sheet and fold it into a tube, it becomes a kind of straw
    There is another argument about the hole all the way to the other side of the planet: the earth becomes one big straw and the concept of a straw is it's own being, so there is no number of holes (neither 1, nor 2, nor 0)

    I am not crazy, I just think too much 😀👍

  4. 7:22 People think its a Christmas movie because it takes place on Christmas Eve/Christmas

  5. sam: thinks hard through alot of them
    also sam: last question, here we go "is peanut butter better smooth or chunky" chunkeahy

  6. I was so scared when Sam answered the simulation question i thought i was getting hacked.

  7. If you dig a hole through the Earth, It would be 1 hole because the other side is the end.

  8. Marvel's definitely come back with Ant Man and Black Panther, so yeah Marvel wins

  9. Evolocian happens slowly and with each hatching of an egg comes a new spiciest all the way to the hatching of a chicken from the egg. But chickens are technically just two wild birds (I forget the names) bread together to create the chicken from the egg as chickens were created by selective breading and hatched from an egg hence the egg comes first 🤓

  10. 0:34 in the English language u can pronounce G in 2 different ways for ex. "Good" and "Gentle". So therefor people use the second way to pronounce GIF

  11. "everything that comes with it"
    Iphone:by the way, we won't give you a charger or yhe ability to have non Bluetooth headphones, why? W e w a nt y o u t o s p e n d moni

  12. Cereal is dry on its own. A bowl of cereal is soup. Cereal doesn't mean it is in a bowl with milk.
    Also, they recreated the scene and no, he couldn't have fit on the door. Well, he could've fit, but it wouldn't be bouyant enough for two adults.

  13. Your earth diagram says that the inner and outer cores come before the mantle, they don’t.

  14. Egg came first. Because there were dinosaur eggs before chicken eggs.

  15. Die Hard is a Christmas movie haha

  16. Disagree with the soup and sandwich one

  17. Test: Should a sandwich be cut diagonally or horizontally? Sam: I don't know, I'm not a physicist.

  18. I literally watched the video to see his opinion about the dress and he didn't include the answer :)))

  19. Sam: The Chicken Came First! I don’t think people actually thought this through.

    Me: The Egg Came First! Chickens aren’t the only animals who lay eggs.

  20. As the famous Eminem once said himself, "Snap back to reality" and stop thinking so hard about whether we are in a simulation or not.

  21. the on of chicken and egg he was overthinking it they didnt specify a chicken egg

  22. Bro, all the geeks in the world are disagreeing with you about the star trek answer lol

  23. Technically a hotdog is a sandwich, and I have a 50/50% proof

    Subwayis a sandwich company, and their sandwiches are connected on the side. Therefore a hot dog is a sandwich

    Subway sandwiches are not actually sandwiches, but are hot dogs
    making hotdogs not sandwiches

  24. its "jif" bruh, take my name for example, "gio", its not "gee-oh" ITS "JEE-OH"

  25. Bro forgot what it was like to wake up an hour late to school because of daylight savings 💀

  26. sub usually means a sandwich
    so if sub means a sandwich
    and a meatball sub is a sandwich
    which usually means meatball in 2 pieces of bread
    wouldn't a hotdog count as a sandwich because it also
    is meat in 2 pieces of bread?

  27. Chicken to egg, the egg had to let the chicken out, and the egg came from a dinosaur birthing an egg. I don't know the proper terms all I do know is that the chicken couldn't come before the egg if it was a dinosaur, there's a species transition period where it's dinosaur, something else, chicken. Something else had to make the chicken egg. therefore egg came before chicken.

  28. Biologically The egg came first. It was programmed to be a chicken before it would hatch. But if we are talking about the chicken and the chickens egg, then the chicken came first

  29. gif stands for Graphics Interchange Format, short gif. its graphics not jraphics

  30. THAT JACK COMMENT he stopped rose from committing suicide


  32. I hate my January birthday like(-_-)('_')

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