HTF Quiz 3 Complete - Score S -

HTF Quiz 3 Complete – Score S

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You can play the quiz here:

Man, it took AGES to complete this quiz, but I finally did it! Also, be warned, there is copyrighted music in here, and I personally don’t care what the owner does.

Things to point out / power-ups:
[SKIP 1] Q 9 – Click the word “skip” in the third answer option, it has its own hitbox.
Q 13 – Alternate the left and right arrow keys. Unlike Question 114 of the Impossible Quiz 2, holding them down DOESN’T work!
[FAT DAVE 1] Q 17 – Click the picture of a Fat Dave…duh.
Q 21 – The letters have thankfully large hitboxes.
Q 25 – The LUST code is 5878
Q 26 – Britain loves tea
Q 31 – Most of the screen would take lives away. If you put the pieces together (one of them is fixed in place), an arrow would point to the correct spot, but you don’t need to put the pieces together if you know where to click.
Q 34 – Varied version of Q 34 of the first HTF Quiz. This time, if you click “Lol, lazer”, the laser shoots the lives counter and you lose a life!
[SKIP 2] Q 36 – Click the S on the spade.
Q 39 – up up down down left right left right B A is the Konami code, so type that on your keyboard.
Q 42 – At first all options are wrong. Click all 13 I’s to remove them, then all options will be correct. Get it? The I’s are closed?
[FAT DAVE 2] Q 47 – Click the cloud which is shaped like a Fat Dave.
Q 49 – The pictures vary.
Q 53 – Type “HISNAME” on the keyboard.
Q 57 – If you cheat in any easier way, you actually get an immediate Game Over.
Q 60 – Press up, up, right arrow keys as soon as you get the indication. Failure to do so yields the same animation followed by a life loss.
Q 61 – Press 7 on the keyboard.
Q 65 – Wait for the target to be right on the head.
Q 67 – The weight is illusional.
[SKIP 3] Q 67 – It’s hiding behind the question number.
Q 72 – Random question from the HTF Quiz 2.
Q 73 – You’re supposed to drag the coins into the slot on the top right. Sorry, I lagged a bit doing this (it’s harder in Bandicam with the shaky mouse). Also, THIS is the bomb which doesn’t kill straight away, not Q 108’s; after saying 0 this the slot would say “Too late” for a few seconds.
Q 74 – Avoid the icons, but it costs a life to take the mouse off screen as that would be cheating.
Q 75 – Put the round glasses on UnrealCanine!
Q 77 – FOUR + FIVE = 7321780 for some odd reason.
[FAT DAVE 3] Q 77 – Before the last digit, click between the bottom horizontals of the 2 and 3.
Q 83 – Mash the dirt.
Q 86 – Keep clicking on ducks, careful not to lose a life as soon as you get to the next question.
Q 88 – Press A on the keyboard.
Q 92 – This is a maze full of tricks; upon going right and up after you hit the first button, the walls close on you.
Q 97 – Press left, up, left on the keyboard…but not too fast.
Q 102 – Jenny’s behind one card and Dougie’s behind the other five; Jenny’s position varies, so keep lifting cards until you find her then click her.
Q 106 – Mash mouse on the white marks.
Q 108 – Don’t do anything; clicking YES yields an instant Game Over (because that would be asserting that you want to quit the quiz), and NO escapes from your mouse (because you can’t refuse the offer).
Q 110 – Alternate up and down arrow keys.
Q 111 – You’re supposed to escape the sucking-in spiral by speeding your mouse clockwise. Directly right-click cheating takes a life, but this video shows an easier way to pass the question which is actually successful.
Q 113 – Question 107 of the Impossible Quiz 2, but for the HTF Quiz 3 this time!
Q 114 – Eight, five, four, nine, one, seven, six, three, two, zero (alphabetical order)
Q 117 – Question 78 of the Impossible Quiz Book (UC’s happy bomb is actually in the flash file for TIQB Chapter 2, but you’d have to decompile to see this). The safest place to keep Earth is near the top-right.
Q 118 – Get all the top hairs first or else the hairs will lag on you!
Q 119 – Watch what the orange bear does, then when the bomb appears, use the left, up, right arrow keys on the keyboard to mimic.
Q 120 – Analogue of Question 120 of the Impossible Quiz 2 for the HTF Quiz 3.

The highest possible score is S; the lowest possible score is U (for U FAIL). You may actually consider this the worst way to complete the quiz with a score of S. It was really the first time I completed it with a score of S, with or without Bandicam, and Bandicam made it harder.

There happens to be a glitch with the power-ups where if you pass too many questions while the power-up is still in the process of falling into its spot, it’ll disappear in thin air and you won’t get it. Having programmed in Flash myself, I can see why this is so. So be sure to wait for the power-up to hit its spot before continuing to speedrun!

*Also, what’s awkward is, I can’t trigger Right Click Rick!


  1. You almost game over at question 73 (in game)

  2. Frostbot 75 (read about section, please.) says:

    I Think Q 119 Is Different Every Time.

  3. … Why is there cursor are cheating YOU ARE CHEATING

  4. 117 Question Was a The Impossible Quiz Book Chapter 2 Question 78!

  5. Why not HTF quiz 2? Nobody's uploaded it yet

    P.S. I will soon

  6. For an S grade, If this was a game show, You have won… THE TOP PRIZE! HALF A MILLION DOLLARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CONGRATULATIONS my friend! Well done!

  7. Gladys Del Transito Calquin Gutierrez AUTTP says:

    2:59 the word "avoid" was misspelled as "aviod"

  8. Hey Nicholas, Have you created "TAQ" (The Annoying Quiz)?
    I played it!

  9. What are the list of grades and their explanations in The HTF Quiz 3?

  10. Can someone make a hacked version?
    Cheats: Unlimited power ups
    Infinite lives

  11. Me: ClEAn Also me: NoW itS DIrTy


  13. I completed the HTF quiz and I got an A

  14. Bomb questions:
    74 (opposite)
    117 (opposite)

  15. 1. UC
    2. 147
    4. GIGGLES
    5. This is Madness
    6. Longcat
    7. Aries
    8. Spam click the sentry
    9. Running
    10. Find the green tick
    11. Yeah yeah yeah
    12. Milhouse
    13. Use the left and right arrow keys to brush their teeth
    14. WINRAR
    15. A window
    16. 204
    17. Click the picture of UC
    18. Drag the word Cuddles
    19. Make your way through the maze
    20. Brucie
    21. Press the W in WHAT, the A in WHAT, the T in Tell me how, the e in Cheese yum and the r in Are you kidding me
    22. Bugs
    23. Cooked to perfection
    24. Drag the 2 in 24 to be in between 1 and 3 and drag the 4 in 24 to be in between 3 and 5
    25. 5878
    26. T
    27. Hairy @rse
    28. Marcus… H?
    29. Red Potion
    30. Big Daddy
    31. Click the piece at the end of the screen
    32. KA-POW!
    33. Punch it's teeth out
    34. Drag Lol, I cover answer and click Lol, answer
    35. Bought it at the five-and-dime.
    36. Click the Joker face
    37. God save the Queen
    38. There she is
    39. Press on the keyboard: Up, up, down, down, left, right, left, right, B, A
    40. Alcohol
    41. no idea
    42. Click all the i's on screen, then click any of the options
    43. Click the dot next to the question number
    44. 18
    45. Aw Shucks
    46. Cycle Paths
    47. Keep trying to click the pigeon
    48. cause 1 is un oeuf
    49. Click the species that is to the left side of the screen
    50. 525-549
    51. @rsing about with yourself
    52. Anna B
    53. Type HISNAME on the keyboard
    54. Bottom left
    55. HTF Quiz 2
    56. cow and seagull
    57. Navigate the maze
    58. 28
    59. Sweden
    60. Click the arrow keys when the corresponding arrow appears on screen
    61. Press 7 on the keyboard
    62. 2
    63 5 + 25
    64. DEAD
    65. Hit space when the target is on his head
    66. Click the question number
    67. Squash him using the word SQUASH
    69. A flat minor
    70. Weapon of math disruption
    71. SHEPARD!
    72. You should've played the second quiz
    73. Put all the coins in the slot
    74. Avoid all the faces
    75. Put the glasses on UC then click the arrow
    76. Click what your number of lives previously was
    77. 7321780
    79. OF COURSE
    81. The arrow is behind the flash
    82. A Question Mark
    83. Mash the dirt
    84. A link
    85. Push him down a hill
    86. Click the ducks
    87. Explosions
    88. Press A on the keyboard
    89. Move the mouse in a circular motion to clean the mud
    90. Water
    91. None of your business >:(
    92. Go left, up, and around
    93. Click UC's head
    94. Click incorrectly in the sentence
    95. Nothing, you'll be alright
    96. It goes back four seconds
    97. Press, left, up, left on the keyboard
    98. Woof
    99. Click the question number
    100. Click all the enemies
    101. Click the hankiechief
    102. Drag the squares to find Jenny (she's the one with the bow)
    103. Move your mouse around the rope
    104. Move your mouse in a circular motion around the fan
    105. Crocodile
    106. Click his head
    107. Click the button when UC is near the cliff
    108. Do nothing
    109. 19
    110. Use the up and down arrow keys
    111. Navigate the maze
    112. Spam click Cuddles
    113. Click the button corresponding to the one in the original question
    114. 8549176320
    115. A GIANT ROCK
    116. Press enter when the claw is above the package
    117. Avoid the meteors
    118. Cut off the top pieces of hair
    119: Press these arrow keys on the keyboard. First move: Up, right. Second move: Left, up, left. Third move: Up, right, up, left. Fourth move: Left, right, up, left, right
    120. Pheonix' day in the quiz! 65 | To win, you must headshot UC 93 | Which was the last maze question? 111 | TF2 106 | Which question required you to squash UC? 67 | ESCAPE! 83 | FINISH IT! 97

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