How Will Nathaniel Rage?? The Impossible Quiz Book -

How Will Nathaniel Rage?? The Impossible Quiz Book

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  1. 3:28 "Like there's not even a single clue here. There's absolutely nothing to work with!!!!!!!"

  2. I don't think you really needed to do this.

  3. Rip all the hundreds of comments and thousands of views of the original post

  4. Holy crap. At the end they really talked to me.

  5. Its not 3am but its 11pm so thats sorta close

  6. If nobody else told you how to beat #8, press the H key

  7. I know the developer on steam and I linked him this video at the part where he wrote the letter

  8. This guy deserves more subs (I know his other channel has more)

  9. where's The Impossible Quiz answer key TEACHER'S EDITION!!

  10. Maybe meant the seventh letter in the word alphabet

  11. you have to press the h on your keyboard to figure out #8

  12. "you should go to bed. it's like 3 am."
    Me: Nuh uh. it's (actually) only a quarter till 3 am. so HA

  13. At Question 8, you press the H key on the keyboard.

  14. Well, time to go to bed. I got the last one right and it's 2:00 AM

  15. Classic NB the answer to question 8 is clicking h on the keyboard.

  16. For question 8 you press h on your keyboard ⌨️ (I know it confused me as well)

  17. Nathaniel Bandy got it right. The reason for the actual answer was that 2:30 sounds like tooth hurty

  18. 4:52 Bandy: What is- (silence)
    What the hell is with this picture?!

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