How to complete The Impossible Quiz 2 iOS -

How to complete The Impossible Quiz 2 iOS

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Hey guys this is a reupload from my old video from 2014 which the video got stuck. Hope you enjoy! If you have any questions please leave them in the comments below and I will try and respond to them as soon as I can! Also comment down below what video I should upload next, I will definitely upload another Luigi’s Mansion Dark Moon Piano video soon. Stay tuned!

Possible Questions For Last Question:
What is the first balloon question? 17
Which was the mash question? 38
What was the second maze question? 39
One question had a red question number, which was it? 43
Which question was longcat in? 62

Impossible Quiz 2 PC:


  1. Hope you guys enjoy! Please ask any questions if you are unsure or need help! Welcome those from my 2014 video! Haha voice change. Also remember to read the description! Lastly, this app only works on iOS 10 and below as it is not compatible with iOS 11!

  2. Your voice is lower because a lot happened between the original video published and this video published, including you getting older and therefore your voice getting lowerpitched, right?

  3. Jacopo the Windows Fan [DO NOT HACK] says:

    Where’s the game link? (the website)

  4. I have iOS 9 and its not working do ypu have to live in australia or us?

  5. Jacopo the Windows Fan [DO NOT HACK] says:

    Can you do a speedrun of the pc version of this quiz?

  6. Jacopo the Windows Fan [DO NOT HACK] says:

    Tomorrow can you do a speedrun of the pc version?

  7. Jacopo the Windows Fan [DO NOT HACK] says:

    Do I have to install it on safari?

  8. Jacopo the Windows Fan [DO NOT HACK] says:

    What happens if you touch the screen 50 times?!

  9. Jacopo the Windows Fan [DO NOT HACK] says:

    It works on iOS 12?

  10. Jacopo the Windows Fan [DO NOT HACK] says:

    When are you gonna do a speedrun of the pc version? Maybe….. tomorrow?

  11. I want IQ2 IQB Chapter 1 (Close Encounters of the Furied Kind) Chapter 2 (The Phlovomite's Guide to the Galaxy) and Chapter 3 (Spatula Future) AND The Impossible Quizmas ALL for Android phones.

  12. 3 (new question): Ground beef
    5 (new question): $1
    7 (new question): Mane
    9-10 (shuffle): Flash questions 10-11
    11 (shuffle): Flash question 9
    19 (new power-up): Tap the big drawing of the Fusestopper
    27 (new question): Twice
    29 (new question): Dough
    37 (new mechanic): Touch the screen until next question
    38 (new mechanic): Repeatedly tap the screen to fill the bar
    42 (new question): Left turn
    45 (new question): Pop the blue balloon
    + new power-up: Pop the purple balloon
    46-49 (shuffle): Flash questions 45-48
    50 (new question): Chic
    51 (shuffle): Flash question 70
    52-54 (shuffle): Flash questions 51-53
    55 (shuffle): Flash question 75
    56 (new question): Pop any balloon except the brown one
    + new power-up: Pop the green balloon
    57 (new question): Blue light
    58 (new question): I don't know
    59 (shuffle): Flash question 57
    60 (new question): This author
    61-64 (shuffle): Flash questions 59-62
    65 (new question): They can't run off to Vegas
    66-67 (shuffle): Flash questions 64-65
    68 (new question): Nay
    69 (new question): Plaster
    70-71 (shuffle): Flash questions 68-69
    72-75 (shuffle): Flash questions 71-74
    76 (new question): Deleted them
    84 (new power-up): Tap the green button
    86 (new question): They're scrooges
    87-89 (shuffle): Flash questions 88-90
    90 (new question): What Guy?
    91-93 (shuffle): Flash questions 92-94
    94 (new question): Athens
    95-97 (shuffle): Flash questions 96-98
    98 (shuffle): Flash question 3, with a 10-second bomb
    99 (new question): Drag the second dot to the first one
    100 (new question): 4
    101-103 (shuffle): Flash questions 102-104
    104 (new question): Polaroids
    106 (new question): Che Guevara
    110 (new question): An apple
    111 (new question): HIJKLMNO
    112 (new question): Everest
    114-115 (shuffle): Flash questions 115-116
    116 (new question): A stick
    119 (new question): Boil the hell out of it

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