How To Beat The IMPOSSIBLE TEST In "Exam" -

How To Beat The IMPOSSIBLE TEST In “Exam”

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If you were locked in a room and forced to take an impossible test, what do you do?

Thank you for watching Exam explained and review of how to beat.

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  1. Ok, I'm 11:30 minutes in the video. I would just go and get everyone to give me their paper and rip it while protecting mine. Let's see if that does shit afterward lol.

    Edit: Welp, guess I'll never actually know. But I would probably not succeed.

  2. Just make sure your paper is in the back of your Blazer ask everybody else for their papers so that they won't get ruined and then rip all of them up lol 😅🥲😶‍🌫️

  3. i dont think you will be so smart in a death game you would be scared and when youre stresed you can focus so it isnt that easy man

  4. He Took A Deep Breath Outside Near A Tree Creating Oxygen…..That Was His Biggest Mistake. -Cinema Summary.

  5. Blonds ethical question in the end was pretty hypocritical. She didn´t want to work for a Corp. which lets applicants be killed, but even thou no one died, they didn´t even try to interven in possibly deadly situations. The gun may not be loaded with live ammunition, but they didn´t flinch an eye in the face of potential torture or attempted murder. Even without the pistol, white could´ve killed black by stabbing him with the pencile repeatedly instead of just once in the shoulder and at this point the guard couldn´t interven in time.

  6. This is a good plan, but if you were there you won't think of those things.

  7. my dump ass would ask if we can go to the toilet at the beginning and ruin their whole test…

  8. If I knew the gun had healing bullets I would heal the black man if he gets hurt

  9. Wait did the first girl who failed get killed?? I’m confused

  10. tbh i feel like the black man should have won, he helped, and really figured out most of the problems but who knows

  11. So she didn't want to work for a company that kills its applicants, and their retort is "we don't, the bullet wasn't real".

    So, what about if Mr. Brown went through and slit straight through the dark haired woman's eyes? Or if they didn't get Mr. White's medicine in time and he just died on the spot? Or if Mr. White stabbed Mr. Black in a lethal spot (or a lethal amount of times) with the pencil? Was the idea that this "special pill bullet" would've healed them later?

  12. how about just tear up someone else's paper while they aren't looking?

  13. Wow so cool they made a film about uk GCSE’s

  14. her character is the dumbest imposter ever. keep ya damn mouth closed…

  15. I like your information but who would think like that in a life or death situation

  16. POV: you are in school and ur on the last question

  17. Wait a sec…. is that Anne from the walking dead?

  18. I have watched everyone of these videos I am ready for anything that comes my way, a do you with me!

  19. I mean honestly he had already said 'you talk to me, or the guard you are disqualified.'
    So even if they answered #1 … would that not answer; talk to the test giver (Rule 2) ._. like .. what? I mean if it means that
    you can answer the question before he hits the clock, yeah I can see it, but after he hit the clock shouldn't they all technically
    be disqualified for not answering the question but staying quiet..?
    Sorry I'm kind of a picky person when it comes to rules, and what-not 😀 LMK if I was wrong pls..

  20. I can't be the only one who thinks this is kinda like among us ඩා

  21. Okay I can say, I knew from the beginning that the glasses were a big hint.
    If they remembered the French man asked if they saw it too. Meaning his glasses could be a large help because he was the only one with them. I couldn’t have been a coincidence that he dropped his glasses on accident. I’m surprised that they didn’t figure it out earlier. The brown dude was also right. I think they did it on different people because they wanted to see how they would react. I’m pretty sure if they did this test on some 1st graders the game would end immediately.
    “Does anyone have any questions?”
    “nO” “noPe!”

  22. "Write on the desk"
    Same bro, i like drawing my name on them

  23. Normally I watch these videos because the description and dissection of the movies is interesting. However, I might actually watch this movie.

  24. Why do I always get an add at the end of the sponsor

  25. the sponsor explained in every video is so smooth

  26. Not me thinking about how I can ruin other people's paper the first minute into the video……

    🧍🏻‍♀️😭☝🏻 I'm done 🧍🏻‍♀️😭☝🏻 I'm done


  28. I would right way because I would say no out of havbit

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