How I Beat The Impossible Quiz 1 in 4:41 -

How I Beat The Impossible Quiz 1 in 4:41

Kalaphant Plays The Impossible Quiz
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WARNING: This features bloody images at moments like 2:00
Note: The music is missing during The Epic 10 due to copyright reasons. Sorry

This is my current The Impossible Quiz 1 Speedrun PB.
It’s a time of 4:41, which is near perfect for me!
I lost about half a second on Q2 (0:01), 2 seconds on Q92 (2:10), and 2 seconds on Q110 (4:40). This adds up to 4.5 seconds of possible timesave!

0:00 Start
0:16 Elephants
1:07 Chris
1:38 Asteroids
2:10 Descending!
3:10 The Epic 10
4:42 Done

Nerdy Stats:
Q59 CPS: 13.88
Q88 CPS: 10.41
Q109 CPS: 11.25
Questions per Minute: 27.4

Legal info:
Music from 0:01 to 1:38: Gonna Fly Now (From the Film: Rocky)
Music from 2:18 to 2:37: What Is the Light? (2017 Remaster)

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