Guess the Video Game Music Quiz [Easy - Impossible] -

Guess the Video Game Music Quiz [Easy – Impossible]

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Hello, The BreatherZ here. This is Guess the Video Game Music Quiz.

Here are the rules:
Guessing the video game series points:
Easy = 1 Point
Medium = 2 Points
Hard = 3 Points
Impossible = 4 Points
If you guess the correct specific game the song is from, you get an extra point.

We do not own any of the IPs shown in this video. They are owned by their respective companies.

Music used in the video:
Title Theme:
de Blob – Blissful
Credits Theme: Sonic Unleashed – Spagonia (Night)

Artwork used in video:





Thank for watching, like the video and comment your score below.


  1. Honestly I’m happy with 41. 90% of the ones I didn’t get were PlayStation or Xbox exclusives bc I use mostly Nintendo. The others were just games that I had literally never heard of. Which is why I didn’t get a single impossible one. While I had a wii, I had never used wii play.

  2. I got 58 points, the one that really got me was Fat Princess near the end. I literally haven't heard that song in over 10 years, it felt like tentacles were stuck into my brain and just sucked out memories I had completely forgotten about. Immediately blurted it out within 3 notes without even thinking about it.
    The only one I got the series correct without knowing the specific game was Wii Play, I knew it was a Wii game but didn't know which one.

  3. The fact mother 1 hippie theme wasn't compared right next to franky theme from earthbound as mother 2 is earthbound and earthbound beginnings is the first one and mother 1 to this day earthbound beginnings had better music

  4. As soon as I heard the lbp music, it hit me like a train.
    the memories come flooding back.

    (same with castle crashers)

  5. 5:01 i knew it was final fantasy but the first thing that came to my mind was Coryxkenshin

  6. Impossible was only impossible because it was obscure games lmfao

  7. 12
    Super Mario
    Wii Sports

  8. listen, i didnt get much but i recognized the wii play theme. that made my day

  9. I guessed Persona without ever playing a single Persona 😂

  10. Bro impossible is literally 20 year old games that no one played ever

  11. I've only ever played Nintendo games but I managed to recognize ones like Dearly Beloved from Kingdom Hearts, Cuphead, and Angry Birds lol

  12. Holy shit. No duh I gushed for the older shit, but hearing that Black Opps theme got me fuckin going crazy.. fuck man what memories those are.

  13. Why is Diddy Kong racing in Hard? That song was engraved in my eardrums since my first play through. Absolute banger of a tune.

  14. And lastly.. I cannot believe you put in Bubsy. I didn’t even think that’d be on here.

  15. Ending- Sonic unleashed 🥲. Love that game. Good times.

  16. 24 points, easy and medium built it and got lucky with a few hard ones.

  17. 28. So many systems I've not had because I've been broke.

  18. Castle Crashers was my childhood, and it made me so happy to see it included here

  19. The memories from Pac-Man World 2 came flooding back when I heard that song again 😢

  20. killzone 2…i prefere the first with templar and luger and rico and the helghast soldier

  21. Wii was totally the childhood of mine. Damn I still cannot believe that how fast time goes….

  22. Hearing de Blob before the quiz even started sent chills down my spine, god what a good soundtrack

  23. Why did I hear oh there goes gravity with the Mario theme 😂

  24. bad vid no donkey kong country add next time pls <3

  25. 1k views and 6 subs that’s just disrespectful

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