Guess The IMPOSSIBLE NBA Nickname Challenge -

Guess The IMPOSSIBLE NBA Nickname Challenge

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  1. I knew the boy wonder off rip from hack Harlow’s song come on Kenny

  2. Producer Josh aka King Of The First Three Quarters 😂

  3. Chris Paul called JJ “bubs” on JJ’s podcast

  4. Does anyone else remember some of these from his way older vids

  5. Do another basketball pack opening except you gotta rebuild a team with the packs

  6. im a grizz fan and the only one i knew was gangsta 12 LOL

  7. I barely knew any of these nicknames, this was interesting

  8. I’m so disappointed that “Sauce Castillo” wasn’t on here

  9. Please post pt2 of the 2008 rebuild I been waiting since 5 days

  10. Only got boy wonder and that was heroes college nickname at Kentucky

  11. Kenny where Is the video we want to see, where is the rebuilds brother😭


  13. Career re-sim of Demar DeRozan.

    Rules: must start on the 2022 Bulls and must finish his career in Toronto.

    Also, required is a Championship, 5+ all NBA, Jersey retirement in Chicago and Toronto, and Hall of fame!

  14. Ayo 2k challenge give one dude on every team or just one dude 99 potential and some other stuff so he basically becomes linsanity and the down to normal potential

  15. Despite the Economic crisis its still a good time to start up an investment

  16. Video idea: Ive played my league for the past few 2ks and I noticed that klay thompson almost never makes it into the hall of fame my challenge is to try and make him into the hall of fame

  17. KOT4Q: Give me a detective degree
    the grammar
    KOT4Q: I does this

    I started watching tonight and I subscribed

  18. Rebuild challenge: rebuild the lakers before lebron comes while keeping lonzo, Brandon Ingram, and kuzma.

  19. Fun video idea: make a team(15 man rotation) of average players(use position averages for every statistic) and see where they end the season

  20. Kenny, one position rebuild. Get a wheel and spin it. Whatever position you have to rebuild ONLY using that position.

    To make it more fun. A wheel with all the teams and which team it lands on you have to trade for the required position on that team.

    For example. If you spin the wheel , and get sf, you can only have sf, e.g. LeBron.

  21. Me looking at the channel every day but still no video😢

  22. The “myteam” challenge but it’s not in myteam. Everyone in the nba has their best card in myteam, and let’s see who dominates

  23. Try to get a player average a quadruple double

  24. VIDEO IDEA: spin a wheel with all of the ages in the nba and once you get the age you go to the website you use and search up the age you got. Then u use a random number generator to decide what player you get

  25. Day 46 of asking Kenny to do the “Rule Change Sim” the rules are that you follow a team, simulate a few years, but every year you manually change all of the rule changes of that year to approved, and see where the rule changes take the NBA.

  26. I remembered bean burrito from the last nickname quiz you did like forever ago

  27. i was certain that baby durant was bol bol

  28. Loved this. When Kenny says I does this. Hilarious

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