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Today we do a HARD Among Us quiz!

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  1. For me the like button turns black and no I'm not colourblind

  2. There are 8Hilton level in the world 🌎

  3. 0:54 there’s like 7 BILLION+ people in the world not million….

  4. Nico is wrong wires is a LONG task not COMMON

  5. There are actually 7 billion people in the 🌍

  6. 50.million skeld mira hq polus light pink airship 2018 fix wires medbay and security stop sabatoge 3 epicgames 5 every map has caf true D super med vs super imp hypnotize max difficulty rus and nico super hero fnaf the skeld 3 foot 5 polus idk lastime i like airship idk the answer empty garbage no hahahah jk i have i got a free point yay awuwu thank you for free point bhai.xd:d

  7. ssundee: there is only 7 million people in the world

    me: there is actually 7.96 billion. 😐

  8. when i hit the ike button it turns black no joke!!! 🤣🤣🤣

  9. there is only 7m people in the world
    U have more subscribers than the world

  10. I play amung us and I did not even know the answer but it is sus to say that.

  11. SSundee omg it not 7 millone peep in the world 7 billion peep above

  12. SSundee is so dumb he thought there was 7 mil people but china has 1 bil people

  13. I knew the color code one. It was actually very easy!

  14. SSundee is wrong in the part that the
    Question in how many rooms are in there in Skeld? Look at the the sign down there it says (including caf)

  15. im am the nerd theres for exactly 8.736.573.469.25 people in the world (its 8b)

  16. There are 7 billion people on Earth ssundee
    Yes I Checked

  17. That’s not 7 million people in the world there’s more

  18. Wait does he actually think there are only 7 million people in the world😂

  19. There is 6.9billion people in the world

  20. When airship came out, I died and when someone sabotaged coms I managed to fix it 💀. That bug was fixed the day after.

  21. Ssundee actually got is wrong he said navigation 2 times

  22. Give SSundee likES BECAAUSE HE IS INCREABLE but SSundee… there are 70b pepole love you SSundee

  23. Technically, for the first question, every answer is correct as among us has more than 50 million downloads, 75M, 100M and 200M so ssundee can pick any and still get it right 🤓

  24. There's actually 7 BILLION people in the world

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