Greekgodx & Tyler1 Endure The Impossible Quiz For 4 Hours -

Greekgodx & Tyler1 Endure The Impossible Quiz For 4 Hours

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Greek & Tyler play the impossible quiz for 4 hours!

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  1. Tyler1 made this funny, if it wasn’t for him. I’d fall asleep because of this dude.

  2. sugar, tan dan dan dan dan ohhhh honey honey tan dan dan dan dan you're my candy girl

  3. Legend says he still hasn’t gotten the shooting star to this day

  4. Legend says that to this day, GreekGod is still trying to finish the impossible quiz.

  5. did you know that Bell's ceratophrys have sharp teeth?

  6. What happened between greek and tyler they used to love eachother

  7. I cant believe this fucking moron didnt know how to say shanghai………….

  8. i actually never got the reason of the "but pa might not" answer. i truly am a part of the GGX

  9. Greek puting on a mask and doing ''funny'' stuff for the normies … feelweirdman

  10. so fake lmfao, actually dissapointed in greek.

  11. I was hoping he would get to the last question and see that he had to have saved all the skips to be able to beat the quiz LMAO

  12. unpopular opinion: nobody knows or cares to know who lacari is

  13. 10:27 that Siri thing was so fake he couldn't of had any worse acting than that..

  14. 3 36 funniest part of all lmfao i can feel his frustration 😂

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