Giving a JoJo's Bizarre Adventure NOOB an Impossible Quiz... -

Giving a JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure NOOB an Impossible Quiz…

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My friend @JackTheBus has NEVER seen JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure before… So I decided to give him a BLIND quiz to see how cultured he really is.

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HEY! The names Willy but you can call me Willy. Hope you don’t overthink that one too much.


  1. Youtube recommended giving me this masterpiece

  2. Math lesson time! me + Willy upload = happy Chaddy

  3. Spongebob Movie 😎😎😎 subbed much love

  4. JoJo is sooo good, I wish Jack gave it a chance 😫😫

  5. Empoerer is the coolest it can make infinite bullets and manipulate the said bullets plus he is the only stand user in the part who appered 3 times

  6. Heaven's Door has gotta be the coolest stand.

  7. The coolest stand is “White Album” and/or “White Album Gently Weeps” as it can instantly freeze the molecules in the air…

  8. I really like your editing, but some of the pronunciations made me itchy

  9. very well made ill go to this channel in a year and itll have 100k

  10. Is this a one off jojo video or will you make jojo videos in the future?
    Also I wish I found you sooner than this video bc this channel is a banger either way

  11. For the "What animal accompanies the crew in part 3" there is technically 2 right answers….

    cough Polnareff Turtle cough

  12. I'm so glad this was recommended to me, you just earned a subscriber

  13. Man these name pronunciations are kinda hurting🕺

  14. "Jolyne I think is the newest one"

    Josuke Higashikata (Gappy): Am I joke to you?

  15. Yo, I like your energy and your video quality is far too high for your subscribers. If you edit your own videos, I'm pretty damn impressed. I've decided recently that I should start trying to network a bit, so lmk if u wanna try a collab sometime.

  16. Got these bitches wrapped around me like I’m jolyne

  17. Your face at 1:45 is everything LMAO. We might have to do some content together soon👀

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