Geoguessr Pros Take an IMPOSSIBLE Google Maps Quiz (feat. Rainbolt) -

Geoguessr Pros Take an IMPOSSIBLE Google Maps Quiz (feat. Rainbolt)

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In this video, I’m joined by Geoguessr pros @georainbolt, @Daiiono, @GeoZiggi, and @matepotato. I found the hardest locations from around the world on google maps and created a quiz to see how much I am able to trick these pros. Stay tuned, because the scores remain tight all the way to the end!

Massive shoutout to PenRaiser for the video idea!
Edited by @PoisonedVFX

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  1. Title should be "How to make a Geoguesser dissociate"

  2. Haha if you're saying they all look like canada to me, it might be 3 canada xd

  3. 26:40
    he should have got 2 points? he got both main country and imposter country correct, just didn't identify properly which one was the imposter, but you only gave him 1 point

    also if you do this again i think you should give a consolation point for getting both countries right but the wrong way around, since it happened so many times but yielded 0 points it seems unfair on them

  4. 26:38 didnt ziggy get 2/3 because he got the impostor and the main country right

  5. 6:43 pedantry moment: the Isle of Man is technically not part of the UK, it's a crown dependency

  6. Wow you made it hard! Really enjoyed this. I wonder how the standings would change if there were points for each of the four pictures (which would reward ziggi figuring out the Texas etc)

  7. 23:03 I'm not a competitive player (yet), but I am Canadian and I definitely got a Canadian vibe on blue (top right). EDIT: I'm not surprised it's BC, because I live near Vancouver. Altho, I would NOT have guessed Vancouver Island on red (top left) even tho I was born in Victoria and I have driven around a lot of south and central Vancouver Island.

  8. you have a horrible poker face lol, as soon as they get the right one out or right country, a big goofy smile goes on your face that they can see LMAO

  9. Why they say agentina like arsh???? I wasnt understanding

  10. at 26:50, wouldn't he have gotten 2/3 points on the US/Canada one? He guessed the correct country (Canada), he guessed the correct imposter (USA), he just said it was the wrong one.

  11. 19:16 Blue looks like it could be in so many european countries. Czechia makes sense, but so does like every other (non-flat/micro/Iberia) country in Europe I feel.

  12. 23:52 eyy I got 3/3 on the Canada/US one. But I think I would have got 0/3 on literally everything else

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