Games that make me rage: The Impossible Quiz -

Games that make me rage: The Impossible Quiz

Wolfy Playz
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Games that make me rage 6: The Impossible Quiz!
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My channel’s all about playing games, having a laugh and making a muppet of myself on the internet, every single day of the year. Hope you decide to stick around!


  1. How many of you have actually seen Sonic Breaks His Neck

  2. the clock one was one of the easiest imo
    stop hammer time

  3. Hey wolfy what’s ur xbox name just for the clips

  4. Wolfy r u gonna do ur clips video today?

  5. People are going to say fortnite sometime soon


  7. Youtube said it was posted one day ago more like one year ago.

  8. For 35 just wait for the green button to pop up

  9. I keep subscribing and unsubscribing and i gain an inch each time

  10. December 2 awnser is n because second is 2nd

  11. CRy 👏 oF 👏 fEAr 👏 It’s a gReAt whorer gaem thx.

  12. Games that scare me: Misao, Mad Father, Ao Oni, Hello? Hell… o?

  13. Games that make me Rage 7, Among us Public lobbies with -IQ

  14. What About
    Games that make me Scare me = Fnaf 4
    Games that make me Rage = Crash bandicoot N Sane Trilogy

  15. welcome to games that make me go DEMONIC SCREECHING

  16. 1. Four

    2. No, but a tin can

    3. K.O.

    4. Click the words THE ANSWER

    6. Shallots

    7. An elephant

    9. THAT ONE (Top Right)

    10. Dentures

    11. n

    12. the dot above the i

    13. F’TAANG

    14. Torch

    15. Type Horse

    16. H

    17. Click the question number

    18. Hammer

    19. Blue, Orange, Green, Green, Yellow

    20. Seal!

    21. Top left option box

    22. +1 Skip

    23. BRAN

    24. Click the V in Lives

    25. Shoe Polish

    26. Arsefacey

    27. GO TO 28

    28. Abundance

    29. Egg Mayonnaise

    31. Woof. Woof. Woof.

    32. Babycham and Human Faeces

    33. 7

    34. Move the cursor away from the screen or right-click

    35. Wait 5 seconds, then click the green smiling button that appears

    36. A walk

    37. There is no wrong answer

    38. Mary Rose

    39. Cylindrical Adventures

    41. AFRO

    42. The 42nd 42

    43. Tom Cruise

    44. Click the dot on the nailed puzzle piece

    45. Top Right Box (WRONG). The question says “Potatoes fly.”


    47. Find the red button

    48. SNAAAAKE!

    49. SPLAPP-ME-DO

    50. O.K.

    51. Repeatedly click the Spatulon and the Phlovomite until the Spatulon win

    52. Click the third batch of leaves

    53. …but pa might not.

    54. No, about 20cm off the ground

    55. A games console for wholemeal biscuits

    56. Blue, red, blue, yellow.

    57. Erm… one?

    58. Shephard’s Pie

    59. Repeatedly click the Shoop Da Woop face.

    60. Yes if you made it on your first time. No if not.

    61. Thumbs up icon

    62. Moss (It’s simple. Click the moss.)

    63. Tasteless white filth

    64. Egg > 28

    65. Click the word LARGEST.

    66. Click the exclamation point at the end of THE WORLD!

    67. A big hairy arsonist

    68. Stroke Chris the Cat with your mouse until the bar fills up.

    69. LOL, 69

    70. Using its anus

    71. Click on any option box when it turns green.

    72. Click the light switch on the left edge of the screen.

    73. Top right ‘?”

    74. No one knows that

    75. Click the escape arrow that appears under the question number.

    76. Sugar, honey, honey

    77. Question 77

    78. Four

    79. Click the U in “What do yoU mean?’

    80. Filthy Romanians

    81. Rub the cursor up and down on the pole

    82. Cut all 10 toenails by clicking on them.

    83. National Dyslexic Association

    84. Avoid the meteors and click the shooting star. One Skip will appear on the top left. The other Skip will fly from the top right towards the left side.

    85. I loved it!

    86. The Prince

    87. The dot after 87 in the question.

    88. Repeatedly click Eggman until he breaks Sonic’s leg.

    89. Blindness

    90. Nonce

    91. Hover over the third hole in the paper on the left. You have to move all the way across to rip the paper in half.

    92. 194, 27, 26, 14, 9, 3, 2.5, 1, 0.4. Don’t do it too quickly.

    93. Move the Bomb away and press “Go!”

    94. Do not do anything.

    95. Move your cursor away from the screen (or right-click), then click the red button.

    96. A right mess

    97. 10+ Times

    98. Blue, Red, Blue, Yellow.

    99. Click the sign next to the traffic when it turns green.

    100. Two

  17. for the December 2 one im pretty sure it "n" because December 2"N"d is straight after the 2

  18. The answer to the Clock one was stop Hammertime

  19. so fake u cant be this good at THE IMPOSIBLE QUIZ

  20. I can’t tell what’s funnier, you laughing or you ragin

  21. Here is the answer to all the questions you skipped:
    18: Stop…
    39: The weird white monster
    Cylindrical Adventures
    45: Potatoes fly.
    55. What is the digestive system
    A games console for whole meal biscuits
    62. It’th thimple, click the moth
    Click the moss

  22. you are the best youtuber ever very underrated

  23. It upsets me that he didnt get stop hammer time

  24. 2:34 the answer is N because the 2 in december is actually 2nd, so because that, the N is right next to the 2, so answer is N

  25. Wolfie be like welcome to games that make me go AHHHH

  26. If you wanted to know the answers to the ones where he goes "I don't know that one" or "how is that the answer" here are some references:
    1:20 A shallot is a small onion, or the root of an onion.
    2:32 The question is asking what follows (the word) "December" second, so it's the letter n.
    3:25 Stop… Hammer Time! (From "Can't Touch This – MC Hammer") So it's the hammer.
    3:42 Seal the deal.
    4:26 You have to give a name to a file before you save it, since the file was untitled.
    4:48 Shoe polish has silver nitrate in it.
    4:56 It's a village in the Orkney Islands, in case you wanted to know.
    5:46 Cardboard is used to make egg boxes.
    6:41 All the answers are correct, as they mean the same thing.
    6:53 Cylindrical Adventures. That's making a reference to something or other, but it is a cylinder, so the answer was pretty obvious.
    7:37 A reference to the film Jerry Maguire. I thought Cam was cultured. However, I can't talk since I don't view it as one of Cruise's best. I still love it to bits, but it's not up there with stuff like MI6:Fallout, Rain Man, Edge Of Tomorrow and Top Gun.
    7:59 All the answers are in Wingdings, a language of symbols created by Microsoft in the 90's. When I attempted this for the first time, I recognised it was Wingdings but had to google how to translate it. It is asking if potatoes fly, and the second option means wrong, so that is the correct answer.
    8:50 He didn't acknowledge this one, but Shanghai sounds like "She hang high".
    8:53 A games console for wholemeal biscuits. As in, Digestive biscuits.
    9:36 We didn't see him answer this, but the question is asking to "count" Dracula, so it's 1, as there are 1 Draculas there.
    9:38 Whoever has typed the question has a lisp, so you're meant to click the moss, not the moth.

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