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[FWR] The Impossible Quiz 2 any% in 6:39.94

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This only took like 5 hours of total playtime after returning to this game to speedrun it.


  1. Ergi Syawal 2nd Channel Mr Incredible Phase 11.5 says:


  2. 3:05 I am gonna be honest I cant believe you didnt need to censor that question.. it seemed so long i thought you were gonna skip it anyway

  3. I know its not but the mouse movements make me think its a macro lol

  4. Question 70 is just luck on getting as little Chris punches as possible.

  5. I can’t even beat this but you getting wr

  6. Nice job getting world record man! I'm suprised my world record stayed up for so long honestly! Hopefully the 5 hours was worth it for you lol

  7. the max i get was on 112, i had 1 skip and 2 fusestoppers with 5 lives. lost because of the bomb

  8. Imagine getting wr just for the game to give you an E lol

  9. LIVES LOST: 3

  10. bruh this guy types the alphabet faster than i do

  11. I never played the sequel before but I know almost all the answers from the 1st one and I know who to quickly do it up to the remember thing then the rest is slow

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