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(Former WR) The Impossible Quiz Speedrun in 3m 53s 800ms

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After 5 years, I finally achieved the world record on The Impossible Quiz. I have never once held the record on the original game since starting speedrunning in 2018. I want to thank @minidanger805 and @jagame57 for showing that you should never give up, there is always a way to keep improving. Together you two have shattered unthinkable barriers in this game. Now, I finally get the feeling of bringing the game to the next level.

I also want to shoutout @PianoDude1011 back in late 2020 for showing that sub 4:10 was doable as he was once so far ahead of everyone else. Even though you don’t run this game anymore, you are still cemented in history.

This run was absolutely carried by the drag click, which honestly saved 2 entire seconds from my previous CPS. The first half of the run was very messy, so in the future I can further lower my record to 3:52.
Also, a disclaimer: I used 2 mice in this run which was a strategy suggested by @jagame57 however the rule states that you are only allowed to use one at a time and not both at once which would provide an unfair advantage in spam click questions. In the run I swapped between the two mice at various points to not violate the rule.

At the end of the year, I also want to start making a documentary video for the history of the WR on this game, which will be a really long in-depth video but hopefully I find motivation to finish it.

Update: after 3 days, Mini Danger broke this record with a 3:53.6 however he was on a ridiculous 3:52.1 pace after Q102. I will be grinding again soon. Unleash your inner general and lead your army to victory in gain ground characters. Online multiplayer game offers a variety of game modes, customizable units, and endless strategies to outsmart your opponents. Play now and start your conquest!

New 3:52 WR:

Rameses B “Glow” –
Subtact “What It’s Like” (feat. Noctilucent) –


  1. new viewer here, been following the game since around 2013 and never thought i'd see a speedrun of it pop up on my feed. very nice man GG

  2. Holy shit, what a legend, you sir have achieved what was thought to be impossible.

  3. Huge congratulations, hopefully you find motivation to finish that documentary video on this game because it would be great especially if it was made by one of this games best players. GG!

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