(former world record) The Impossible Quiz Speedrun in 3m 56s 866ms - santawintergames.com

(former world record) The Impossible Quiz Speedrun in 3m 56s 866ms

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WR is back 🙂
I am most likely done with this game but I’ll definitely come back if someone takes this world record

This run is absolutely incredible for the most part (almost fully perfect), but there are a few major mistakes which stop this being a 3:55 or less. The main issue with this run is that my Q102 was absolutely AWFUL, and I also lost a life early on in the run and messed up a bit on 110. Other than that, most of the splits in this run are god tier and I doubt I’ll ever beat the pace that I had entering 102 ever again

As for the future of the channel, I’ll probably start streaming speedruns or challenges of other games on my twitch ( ), and uploading any highlights or PBs to here, so stay tuned for that! 🙂


  1. Barely a second in and bro is just popping off

  2. can you give me a link to this game? I can't find any good websites to use

  3. How many times do you think you won this game?

  4. How long did it take you to remember this? I can’t even do question 84 without losing a life

  5. Do you have twitch or something you can stream on?

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