Fluttershee plays The Impossible Quiz 🍉 | I NEVER ate cardboard?! - santawintergames.com

Fluttershee plays The Impossible Quiz 🍉 | I NEVER ate cardboard?!

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And I’ve never heard of a shallot before..!?

This was a previous FP I recorded a while back ago, but I would love to direct you melon-heads to my DA entry I posted. Definitely wouldn’t be quitting or anything serious, but in a nutshell, it’s time I focus on myself rather than only watermelons and Fluttershee’s~. As Arnold said: I’ll vee bauck.

Thank you guys for all the support, feedback and suggestions xx Truly wouldn’t have made it here without all of your rove

Huge gracias to the others who submitted Fluttershy fanart to me, you guys rock

I do not own the character “Fluttershy”. Fluttershy belongs to Hasbro. This is just a silly parody using my voice acting to have fun! The use of the character is within fair use and entertainment purposes only.


I’m Vanna! A silly watermelon gamer who loves to do stupid parodies of YOUR favorite characters. All watermelon flavored. Subscribe for more fruity madness!


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  1. Choose food.
    Fluttershy said think outside th-
    Choose Food.. Aha! Chews Food!

  2. I dare u to play five nights at Freddy's 3

  3. Uhhhh. Was that a fart! If it was I’m laughtthing🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😂😂🤣🤣😂🤣😇🙂🙂🙂

  4. Fluttershy I’m on my dads account my n, is zoe and I love ur videos I wish u a merry Christmas 🎄🎁 🤗🥰😍😇

  5. I like how the thumbnail and name was changed I’m done


  7. If your reading this wish me luck by looking this plz cuz I'm trying it

  8. when it said neigh! whinny i think ur supposed to make the abc's

  9. If she got into the Undertale community at this time, she would be saying stuff about Gaster when she was at the Wing Dings question.

  10. I’m 5 years late but I remember doing this quiz in year 4 im in year 8 now also know as year 7 and idk for the others

  11. Answer 53: …but pa might not
    Answer 54: No, about 20cm off the ground
    Answer 55: A games console for wholemeal biscuits (answer before the bomb goes off)
    Answer 56: Blue, red, blue, yellow
    Answer 57: Erm… one?
    Answer 58: Shepherd’s Pie
    Answer 59: Charge ur lazer! (mash the mouse) – Mash the mouse on the ball with the face on it.
    Answer 60: No… (unless you did 59 without retrying upon running this flash)

    Questions Levels 61-70
    Answer 61: Thumbs up
    Answer 62: Moss – middle left
    Answer 63: Tasteless white filth
    Answer 64: Egg > 28
    Answer 65: LARGEST
    Answer 66: !
    Answer 67: A big hairy arsonist
    Answer 68: Stroke the cat
    Answer 69: LOL, 69
    Answer 70: Using its anus

    Questions Levels 71-80
    Answer 71: Green
    Answer 72: Middle far left switch (it’s small) – There is a switch in the middle under the number, you can’t see it but it’s there. You mouse will turn into a hand when your on it. Then when you click it a picture of a lemur will come up for a couple seconds the your on to question 73!
    Answer 73: ? (top right)
    Answer 74: No one knows that
    Answer 75: ESCAPE!
    Answer 76: Sugar, honey, honey
    Answer 77: Question 77
    Answer 78: FOUR
    Answer 79: U
    Answer 80: Filthy Romanians

    Questions Levels 81-90
    Answer 81: Run cursor up and down lightning rod – just stroke the lighting rod like in question 68, until a lightning bolt strikes it. Then click the arrow.
    Answer 82: Clip the toenails
    Answer 83: National Dyslexic Association
    Answer 84: Green Shooting Star
    Answer 85: I loved it!
    Answer 86: The Prince
    Answer 87: .
    Answer 88: Break Sonic’s leg (mash the mouse)
    Answer 89: Blindness
    Answer 90: Nonce

    Questions Levels 91-100
    Answer 91: Rip the note (no clicking involved)
    Answer 92: 194, 27, 26, 14, 9, 3, 2.5, 1, .4
    Answer 93: Go! (behind bomb)
    Answer 94: The bomb is a dud or Wait for the counter to tick down; the bomb is a dud. Don’t select “detonate”
    Answer 95: Remove mouse, click Red
    Answer 96: A right mess
    Answer 97: 10+ times!
    Answer 98: Blue, red, blue, yellow
    Answer 99: At green, click sign
    Answer 100: Two

    Questions Levels 101-110
    Answer 101: Chihuahua
    Answer 102: Touch the dots! (one of them doesn’t have one)
    Answer 103: Slight down and slight right (you’ll know)
    Answer 104: Large yellow sad moon (Hey! Why not the large gray sad moon?)
    Answer 105: BANANA (spell it from apple, nectarine, and gooseberry)
    Answer 106: Click the arrow (right-clicking whacks you in the head)
    Answer 107: Don’t click TRY AGAIN on the gameover screen
    Answer 108: 4 8 15 16 23 42 execute
    Answer 109: Make the monkey poo (mash the mouse), then click on arrow
    Answer 110: Use all seven skips during the quiz

  12. Flutershy plz download gacha life and try gina glich

  13. Flutter shy when you press the teeth they were turned into cheese

  14. Am I the only one who heard the ding sound when she lost at 4:03?

  15. when celestia saw canned laughter: XD sure! ill just throw pinkie pie in a bucket XD

  16. cardboard tastes like dusty hard paper… i can tell cuz i have tasted paper before

  17. that fact that he changed all the nostalgic thumbnails makes me 🚫⛔🚫

  18. Yes you are smarter then anyone

  19. I'm a boy but I love you vids like this keep it up!👉👈👍👍

    Me:answer tihs question backwards

  21. Question 5: now don't touch blue
    Me: ez

  22. Fluttershy can you please play this game Call Gacha Club please😊

  23. imagine if this video gets a part 2 with flutterchan instead of fluttershee

  24. Æ꧁Dͩrͬeͤaͣmͫoͦඞuͧs͛꧂Æ says:

    All of these questions have a smart answer
    The answer is shallots because its and union too

  25. Vanna I like your videos I subscribe all your channels

  26. I just ate a glove it taste like cotton candy

  27. Fluttershy: Hello guys I am Fluttershee Me: ._.

  28. Welp, fluttershy, I have a Isabella wallpaper and LockScreen on my phone.

  29. When its the part what does a bell make i was like XDDDDXXDD

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