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  1. For the elephant being afraid of mice thing has to with your mouse cursor on the screen… When you move the mouse cursor away the elephants would move.

  2. the awnser is h because iitsays the alphabet t h e a l p h

  3. ok im new i look around your room and I see a fucking skeleton i threw my phone

  4. You need all the skips for the last question

  5. I got to 100 or something like that in 6th grade lol.

  6. Bro Alex, it is a-bun-dance and it is a dancer

  7. Where it said elephants don't like mice you take the mouse off the screen

  8. There are 110 questions in The Impossible Quiz, 100 regular ones and "The big ten"

  9. Subscribe to my channel if u love faze adapt

  10. I just used videos like this and beat the game in 3 tries

  11. it meant a bun dance since it was a bun dancing

  12. yes you did look it up on Google because I heard your phone turn off

  13. Alright, if the game title says "the impossible quiz" then how do people beat if it's impossible. It should be called weird hard quiz and btw faze adapt great video bro

  14. The skeleton in the back is fucking aiming down sights on adapt

  15. when it said abundance it meant a bun dance

  16. A bell makes a delelelelele whoooooooop sound. Anyone get the reference.

  17. When he said "i watch teen wolf" i was like wow can this men be more perfect than that OMG❤️❤️😂

  18. On 16 it was the 7th letter of the words the alphabet

  19. 24-7=?
    Adapt: it's obviously not 2….is it two
    I'm dead

  20. It’s A Bun Dance get it abundance a bun dance 🙂

  21. The alphabet
    T H E A L P H A B E T

  22. Who ever made this game either has problems or is really dumb

  23. Lol weird I just took a bite out a plum when one of the answers were plum

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