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Evolution of Pressing Tab in The Impossible Quiz (2007 – 2017)

Che & Mar Ilo Gaming
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This video shows what happens if you press Tab. Read below for timestamps.

0:00 – The Impossible Quiz (2007)

0:10 – The Impossible Quiz 2 (2007)

0:41 – The Impossible Quiz Book (2009 – 2012)

2:08 – The Impossible Quizmas (2017)


  1. The Impossible Quiz: 0:03The Impossible Quiz 2: 0:29The Impossible Quiz Book (All Chapters): 0:53, 1:39, 2:01The Impossible Quiz Book (Chapter 1): 0:53The Impossible Quiz Book (Chapter 2): 1:39The Impossible Quiz Book (Chapter 3): 2:01The Impossible Quizmas: 2:13

  2. Once while trying to figure out either the key or penguin question in 2, I pressed tab not knowing at the time the game would think I'm cheating (I think I cried)I didn't know tab's capabilities on flash at the time either, I was just pressing all the keys hoping one of them would be correct


  4. "TAB" is like you are passing to the next question but without skips I think

  5. Ivar the logo fan / ITLF NAUTTP TTCJ says:

    There are even QUESTIONS related to this easter egg. They will try to make you lose, by clicking the cheat button. So if any of the questions say to press Tab even one time, Do not do it! And as a side note, Question 38 of TIQ2's answer is to press any button on your keyboard… But Tab is an exception. Because… You know when you watch it.

  6. In the Impossible quiz book chapter 1 and chapter 3 is basically the same. 😐

  7. 1:42 Metal Gear series reference… (CHRIS? CHRIS! CHRIIIIIISSSS!!) if you play it at 0.25x speed and pause at the duration.

  8. Pressing Tab in Impossible quiz is DUMB AND IT CHEATING

  9. I played The Impossible Quiz Book Chapter 3 hacked and when i press tab it does not give me a game over. Also if i click the wrong answer i don't lose a life

  10. 0:02 Clicking the wrong answer in The Impossible Quiz: Harder Than Ever

  11. AB75HD / TwoCommunityCoordinators两社区协管 says:

    Your The Chris Cat Is Facepalm

  12. You forgot demo version of the impossible quiz 1

  13. I'm trying to beat the impossible quiz speedrun world record.

    Then I use tab button when I failed

  14. Guilherme Fernandes / GuilhermeLogos says:

    Tab key is a disease

  15. The quizmas game over when you click "try again" sounds like a flushing toilet

  16. Impossible Quiz 1: 0:03
    Impossible Quiz 2: 0:29
    Impossible Quiz Book (Chapter 1): 0:53
    Impossible Quiz Book (Chapter 2): 1:39
    Impossible Quiz Book (Chapter 3): 2:01

    Impossible Quizmas: 2:13

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