Escape the Strange - The Impossible Quiz Book: Chapter 2 -

Escape the Strange – The Impossible Quiz Book: Chapter 2

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Music: Escape the Strange
Composer: FuNaNdMoRe
Platform: PC

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  1. I am so, incredibly happy to have this rip exist in my dimension. I remember watching Mark play through this in 7th grade, when I was home sick. Now I'm working on college finals, with my allergies acting up, and it returns. God is good.

  2. Could have sworn this game followed a cat, not a dog…

  3. Remember how the second game said there'd never be a Impossible Quiz 3 so when they made a sequal in order not to admit their mistake they gave it a subtitle/extension instead of a number.

  4. Didn't expect an Impossible Quiz-rip like… ever?
    Luckily I can say I stand corrected as usual with these rips.

  5. I still haven't beaten Chapter 2 because of the PAC-Man stage.

    I beat Chapter 1 and 3, but not 2

  6. SiIvagunner escaped the strange by posting a The Impossible Quiz Book rip that isn't Press Start

  7. is it just me or do i hear little "ben"'s in the instrumental

  8. OML the Impossible Quiz of all things. Man what a throwback

  9. Now THAT is a throwback of the highest caliber!

  10. The Impossible Quiz Book: Chapter 2 rip is a throwback style!

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