EGGNOG IS GROSS - The Impossible Quizmas -

EGGNOG IS GROSS – The Impossible Quizmas

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The Impossible Quiz is back just in time to team up with Eggnog and ruin Christmas.

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Itro – Panda [NCS Release]


  1. The answer was Carol because it's a Christmas carol

  2. If u eat too much mistletoe u get poison so don't eat too much

  3. FINALLY FOUND SOME PEOPLE THAT HATE EGGNOG ;-; I thought I was gonna be forever alone 😂 I hate eggs so whenever I think eggnog I just gag 😛

  4. what is eggnog even made out of?! probably the waste of elves when they sweat or #2 it gets mixed in factories and sent to us.

  5. couldn't stop laughing. keep up with the awesome work cap! XD

  6. I hate eggnog too so I don't blame you when you suffer. I would too.

  7. 😍 aww. I love eggnog C. Sauce 😂 but thanks for still trying it 😁

  8. Havent even watched the vid but the title alone is a thumbs up!👍

  9. captainsauce my lord could you play we happy few or the forest

  10. And then there's me, who puts eggnog in her hot chocolate and finds it freaking amazing.

  11. I hate Eggnog. My dad LOVES it. He gets it every year and normally asks me to try it every year to see if my taste buds change. THEY NEVER DO

  12. Captain Sauce I am with you I hate eggnog too

  13. I like eggnog and choco eggnog sounds better

  14. Best part… When Cap's eye twitches every time he drinks… I laughed so hard I nearly cried.

  15. Eggnog and hot chocolate? Are your tastebuds okay

  16. Huh I guess the devs are MY Summer Car fans

  17. I feel ya Sauce. I hate Eggnog with a passion. Its just nasty

  18. I have never had Eggnog it's just not a thing in Australia (at least in my area of Australia) so i really want to know why in America Christmas movies it's suck a big deal

    p.s i know cap is Canadian but when ever i hear Eggnog i think of American Christmas culture

  19. I don’t know what you want me to do with this duck
    -Captain Sparkles 2017

  20. I don't have eggnog in my country, I always wondered what what it was like cause i'd heard a lot about it on T.V and from american youtubers, but……… now i'm not so sure…

  21. Cap, Cap, Cap instead of eggnog try 1cup of milk;1bannanna with one raw egg and blend in a blender. If you like bananas the bandanna will mask the raw egg taste and the raw egg will give your drink a frothiness just try it? Unless you hate bananas or milk

  22. Captain sauce the answer to 11 is pulling the branch of the Christmas tree aside revealing presents
    13 is pressing the star five times

  23. Make way for Captain Sauce! The hero of Youtube! ^o^

  24. Where do pirates hide their xmas presents?


  25. It's a shame you can only like a video once. You are awesome.

  26. Honestly, I don't like eggnog either. Your welcome! You are not alone.

  27. Cap the last question killed me…. you had to click the x!! it was ‘x marks the spot’ as in X-mas!!! Loved this vid, smashing it as always

  28. I'm gonna ship him some God damn headphones if it's the last thing I Do!

  29. I'm gonna ship him some God damn headphones if it's the last thing I Do!

  30. Cling clang cling clang your bell has rang you don't know what I'm talking about if you haven't watched scratched or unused cuphead bosses

  31. Captainsauce died in this video

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