EGGNOG IS GROSS - The Impossible Quizmas -

EGGNOG IS GROSS – The Impossible Quizmas

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The Impossible Quiz is back just in time to team up with Eggnog and ruin Christmas.

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  1. I bet you all the toys in Santa's workshop it was under the X

  2. I’m the only person who likes eggnog and also eggnog does not taste like eggs that much at least when I drink it

  3. Im not even joking if you dont like eggnog you must be buying the cheapest brand everytime

  4. You put whiskey in the eggnog, That is how you get through the holidays.

  5. You have a rare deseses it's called chronic nooggy ness simptons small pieces

  6. Why does his head look so big up close, like a bobble baby? 😂

  7. best way too make nonalcholic eggnog btaste better @captainsauce add rum

  8. i looked at that eggnog and my reaction was "theres a brown kind of eggnog??? why does it look like some sorta poop water and milk monsteriousity…?" and then he said he mixed it with hot chocolate and i then i realized "oh thats why it looks like it would taste terrible"

  9. I love eggnog😄😄😄😄😄😁😁😁😁😁

  10. I live in South Africa and we don't have egg nog here so I'm getting mixed messages if it is or is not delicious. They're all opinions, after all.

  11. Hey cap The reason you don’t like eggnog is because after about an hour of being out of the fridge eggnog rots if it gets to room temperature it’s gets really bad if it’s hot it’s probably rotten

  12. CaptainSauce as i don't agree with your eggnog hatred, i accept, i love it

  13. The GG button!!!!!! 💚 (also thank you for the hecken awesome video!)

  14. It feels very good to meet someone who also hates eggnog 😄

  15. Please keep going with Fishing Food or return to Poly Bridge 2; I love both of those series so much!

  16. Captainsauce did you taste raw egg before

  17. Back in my days we thought only demons like eggnog and if a human likes the drink they are a Satanist

  18. Wanted to come back to a masterpiece that is very under ratted and deserves more views

  19. CaptainSauce hates eggnog, Wade hates tacos. They would get along great

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