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Dragon Ball Noob Takes the IMPOSSIBLE DBZ Quiz…

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Today, armed with my vast knowledge of Dragon Ball Z, I take on the ULTIMATE, IMPOSSIBLE Dragon Ball quiz…
⭐ Let me know the score you got down below!

DBZ: Kakarot Series:
Check out Dotodoya’s vid that inspired this!

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  1. 17 i new it was who it was because arale is a incredibly powerful robot marron is android 18s and krillens child shu and mai are mini people in super

  2. Jack you only know dbz but I don’t think u know anything about dbs

  3. I don't like how he says the number one fan but he doesn't know normal Dragon Ball Z things, stupid

  4. You should probably check out the DBZ movies. They're not canon but still lots of fun

  5. The fact he doesn’t watch it and just plays the game 😢

  6. Actually, scouters were created for spying, so I can hear everything people say in it

  7. ɪɴsᴇʀᴛ ɴᴀᴍᴇ ʜᴇʀᴇ says:

    Wow these questions are bad, "what is the name of the first female saiyan?" Literally none of the choices. They need to be worded better, like "what was the name of the first female saiyan on earth" would be better. And the one that said "who was the first victim of the androids", literally none of the choices because nobody died to them. Yamcha got donutted, but still lived. The first to die from an android was goku from cell exploding, then trunks from cells death beam, but they weren't any of the choices. And who was the z fighter that never died? Do they count Hercule as a z fighter because literally every single person died on earth when buu destroyed it, and the only survivors were goku and vegeta (who have both already died), and Hercule. And just because it didn't show goten trunks pan and bulla with tails doesn't mean that they never had them, because that would make zero sense if they never had any. Why would gohan be the only exception? This was just a bad quiz.

  8. Lapis and Lazuli was a nice guess. Not many know their names.

  9. I'm gonna make smart guesses in the MCQ test
    My smart guesses-

  10. Number 18 is wrong bulla is the first female saiyan because in gt bulla is a teen while pan is a kid.

  11. I love how now he thinks there is not anyone named cooler that is related to frieza.l But there is a savage little poison shit named cooler

  12. cooler is freeza's non cannon brother

  13. Some of those answers aren't canon though, like Bardock going super saiyan and Trunks getting his sword from Tapion. Also, the only Z fighter that hasn't ever died is Gohan (discounting the future Trunks timeline. But even if you counted that Trunks dies in the Buu saga so by that logic all of them die.)

  14. I got a 90%, but only because they counted non-canon stuff. Bardock was never a super saiyan, and Tapion only exists within the confines of one old movie.

  15. There is someone related to frieza he's his brother it's in a movie

  16. This quiz is impossible, becuase it is wrong XD
    18. What is the name of The First Female Saiyan ?
    Since Question 1 says Bardock (which is false), they include the non-cannon movies, which would mean that the first female saiyan we meet is Selypa in the Bardock Special.
    So it isn't even internally consistent…

  17. If you think about the question about who never died, it's a trap 'cause in the buu saga, Kid Buu blow up the Earth killing every Z fighter besides Goku and Vegeta, who already died before

  18. Goten and Trunks did have tails most probably
    But the best explanation for it is that they were cut off at birth, which is a good decision in order to avoid any Oozaru Crisis, instead of saying that they weren't born with tails
    In reality Akira Toriyama literally just forgot that they had tails and didn't bother drawing them

  19. Bardock going super saiyan isn't canon
    Also not everyone likes the fact that he went Super Saiyan in that movie

  20. Yeah of course there's only one Z Fighter who has never died once… THE GREATEST FIGHTER IN THE ENTIRE DRAGONBALL MULTIVERSE… AND HIS NAME IS OBVIOUSLY…


  21. How u get these wrong lol. Pay attention son!

  22. The only character that never died in dbz is Mr Satan

  23. "Ultamite dragon ball z fan" yeah right. I got most of the questions right

  24. but trunks had to be the first super saiyan right 20 years ahead…. than bardock

  25. by the way cooler is freizas brother who had 3 movies

  26. Two things. First… tapion gave present trunks the sword, there's no evidence he existed in future trunks timeline. In fact, being a movie character and thus noncanon, it's likely he didn't, so I'd say the only option left is trunks making it himself.

    Second… who is the z fighter that never died? I remember all of them dying at least once in Z.

  27. How couldent you rember Burter the fastest in the universe

  28. cooler's frieza's dad 💀💀 shame calling his brother, his dad

  29. Him:I know more of you put there 100%
    Me:I literally got more than you did..

  30. you are bad badddddddddddddddddddddddddd

  31. Wait, they said Pan was the first female Saiyen, but Bulla is older than Pan.

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