Drag Race UK vs The World Queens Take An IMPOSSIBLE Drag Race Quiz | PopBuzz Meets - santawintergames.com

Drag Race UK vs The World Queens Take An IMPOSSIBLE Drag Race Quiz | PopBuzz Meets

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Oh y’all wanted a twist, ‘ey? 👀To celebrate the premiere of ‘Drag Race UK vs The World’ we sat down for another iconic instalment of ‘The Most Impossible Drag Race Quiz’ with the gorgeous gorgeous girls Jujubee, Jimbo, Lemon, and Mo Heart ❤️

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  1. Not mentioning Drag Race Spain is Rigga Morris…

  2. "It's the artist Simone" … THE WAY I LAUGHED

  3. AMBUUUUUURRRRRRRR! New saying of the day

  4. Jujus "aw" for lawrences short reign 💀😂

  5. You say it same in Spanish and Italian. Ugh give her the points

  6. this cast is about to b so much fun to watch!

  7. Loving Jimbo"s new make up and Lemon is looking gorgeous as ever. Please somebody give Juju a tv show so she can stop having to compete in every Drag competition across the globe.

  8. I'm so happy for this spin off of drag race 🏁 but I don't know where to watch it I can't find iplayer and I don't have bbc three

  9. Not Jujubee wearing the same wig she wore for AS5 videos.

  10. Mo coming late is like watching Drag Race in the Netherlands: When One Season ends, it starts here…😂

  11. 2:32
    Oh, they could have chosen a better photo, like her entrance.

  12. Is it me, or does Jimbo look like a 🐓destroyer?

  13. Honestly jimbo and Monique on the same
    Season is going to make my head explode 🤯 ❤️

  14. i dont even know her but i already love jimbo

  15. just watching the first show – how embarrassing ! I would send most of the home !!!

  16. Why is she called Mo ? Is anyone else thinking about the simpsons ?

  17. Except for lemon the others look like retirement is around the corner

  18. Atp crown Jujubee as the queen of third 😭

  19. Jujubee being in 3rd place again is the mood of the year.

  20. La biblioteca is the same in italian and in spanish, Lemon was so correct

  21. Wait but wouldn't it actually be June instead of orion

  22. Lemon… Those are words to live by XD

    Don't do drugs!! Unless you want to, then go for it!

  23. The background music was too loud and distracting

  24. I love jimbo.She literally Watched all the shows

  25. After juju says, “amber”
    jimbo changes her answer to “PING!”

  26. No one:
    Jujubee: THIRD in EVERYTHING
    Also Jujubee: Joins every competition even thought she knows the 3rd curse will strike.

  27. lemon for being so real and quick with her words love it

  28. there's a drag queen named Meanie Minaj? lol

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