Do Not Take This Quiz -

Do Not Take This Quiz

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I’m trying my best at this quiz but it seems to be impossible!!!

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  1. I wanna see Connor, Corpse, Sykkuno and Aethel do that Vshojo quiz.

  2. I remember this this is the best seeing Mousey do this again My fucking favorite

  3. I got so nostalgic from this clip. I never really played this game myself as a kid, but a lot of my friends did and they were so hell bent on trying to beat it. Watching them get super far in the game was kinda fascinating to me.
    RIP these old flash games.

  4. That Bridget question was foul but it indeed makes you Tom cruise

  5. Watching mouse video while watching mouse live. I'm spoiled today

  6. Oh mousey, you are just the adorablist. There are a few utterly cruel questions, and you need to have some quick reflexes at times but I am pretty sure you will get it done soon(TM)

  7. Editing is hilarious and high quality but shitty at the same time.
    It's PERFECT.

  8. Oh yeah, I remember this. It was all the rage back then…literally.

  9. Ironmouse is 33.75% Iron, 33.75% Mouse, 5% sofrito, 5% recaito, 1% sazon, 1% adobo, 0.5% pegau, 17% peekza, and 3% wolfram (tungsten).

  10. I would love to see you try The Impossible Quiz again, but also would completely understand if you don't.

  11. The editor Sneaked in a Red hood reference, and I'm living for it, but also the crowbar💀

  12. what is this? WHAT IS THIS FCKEN QUIZ???????????????????????????

  13. The editing was crazy and great also Ironmouse is a fantastic Gigachaddere

  14. I did the what vshojo girl quiz you did mousey, and it said im Zentreya.

    (microsoft sam-esque voice): WHAT THE FUCK GUYS

  15. It’s funny cuz I don’t think I’ll forget the answers to the impossible quiz for as long as I live

  16. 1:15 Omg I love that so much lol. We better get that in Kung Fu Panda 4.

  17. You fell off what happened to the good ol days of 100% Iron mouse

  18. You want to know how cruel The Impossible Quiz really gets? Spoilers

    For the 110th and final question, you have to use all your skips. If you even used one before the final, you can't win and have to start all over.

    Even worse, unlike any other question, the 84th one has two hidden skips you can collect before moving onto the next one, and you must get both in order to have enough to get past the final question, meaning it's possible to not use any skips and STILL not have enough to get past it.

  19. She needs to play the other ones now

    All of them. They get way harder.

  20. Holy shit this is so nostalgic. Thank you so much for reminding me of this gem god bless!!!

  21. Played this in middle school. Was able to beat it lol.

  22. I can confirm that my soul and my will has been destroyed after trying to take that test.

  23. I refuse to make myself suffer through this game

  24. Really you be my nightmare here I would like to toy that

  25. The intro really is a "These edibles ain't shi-" moment.

  26. I got scared at the beginning. I have trauma from dealing with both my inner demons, and my outer ones. I have serious problems when it comes to maintaining the grey, but I will push through the past, as it is useless

  27. oh god she actually scared me with the boo :

  28. Ironmouse is a treasure which must be protected. Under no circumstance shall she be taken by a foreign invader (outside of he own wishes). If one day my grandchildren can say, yeah papi Kevin, he went all out protecting mousey. Then those hours of said life were a satisfactory one.

  29. The editor absolutely killed it , this was so amazingly edited all the jokes were so good.

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