Do Not Take This Quiz -

Do Not Take This Quiz

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I’m trying my best at this quiz but it seems to be impossible!!!

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  1. i almost beat the impossible quiz.. then my phone died

  2. 4:58 the first time i played this as a kid, I couldn't stop laughing at this part in the quiz. Good tines.

  3. Looks like an old Flash game? Mousey running XP on a VM?

  4. I am your worst nightmare it is blessed the demon from the underworld

  5. Fantastic editing 10/10 and maybe translating grimlinr just a bit

  6. Yo H is actually the 8th letter in the alphabet Ironmouse was robbed

  7. Mouse oughta finish the fight in "The Impossible Quiz" when she's able.
    Ngl, I tried the Vshojo quiz and got Zen. 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  8. Been a while since I checked Mousey's content; her outfit right now is probably her best one o_o
    Or is there something better? (・o・)

  9. The quiz lied G is the 7th letter of the alphabet

  10. Do you get crazy dreams when stuff like this happens, falling asleep so quickly after things like interviews?

  11. Are you still friends with Nux and Lost Pause?

  12. I can't keep watching, I'm losing my remaining brain cells.

  13. 67% Ironmouse: Because sometimes she's not all there. 😛

  14. Dont ask me about the imposible chalenge pls dont orr ill…….k

  15. I love this quiz alot of elementary school memories, took me and my friend a whole school day to pass

  16. How is the letter G not the 7th alphabet?


  17. @Fanteria Your editing is so simple yet so effective, you got me laughing my ass off the entire time. Legend

  18. Winter is trash season and only loved by people who don't have real winter.

  19. don't know which quiz was funnier because they are both gold

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