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Dan and Phil play THE IMPOSSIBLE QUIZ!

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We attempt the most impossible quiz of all time.. THE IMPOSSIBLE QUIZ

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  1. regressing really hard into my earlier teens tonight. phil is so good at this game

  2. imagine this being recommended to you in September 2020… couldn't be me

  3. i am embarrassed of how many times i have watched this video series

  4. nope this wasn’t 4 years ago, nope no it wasn’t, it can’t have been that long ago

  5. Blubber house could be from the whaling times where they rendered down the blubber from the whale—–CRY

  6. back here in 2020 because I'm trying to find some serotonin

  7. I’ve got an important maths exam tomorrow i probs should be revising and turn off this video… nah

  8. 'sometimes, you just want to watch all of the impossible quiz videos, and that's valid'
    -anonymous twitter user

  9. It’s been 4 years and Phil still hasn’t exploded everything

  10. why is it EXACTLY AS DAN SAID 'yep' to phil's intro i went 'nope'

  11. any one else on a dan and phil marathon?

  12. "I was reminiscing about being a twelve year old earlier" same that's why I'm here at 3am rn

  13. Question from an American: What the hell is a “Polo sweet”? I always thought the answer was 4 because of the 4 holes in a polo shirt

  14. Dan: What were you doing when you were 15? Just having friends or-
    Phil: You don't wanna know..
    Dan: *confused and offended* w o w t h a t ' s n o t t h e a n s w e r I e x c p e c t e d f r o m P h i l

  15. Watching at the end of 2020 because the last bit is festive and this is my only way to experience the joy I once was able to feel during the holidays.

  16. I'm back here just to see Dan's slow descent into madness (again) :3

  17. god i want phils natural hair

  18. And to think it was Dan's idea 😂

  19. Anybody here in 2021 just reminiscing on the good old days…
    Yeah me too.😩

  20. I'm kinda convinced phil actually created this game and forgot about it only for him to end up playing it with dan

  21. The more episodes you watch,the further you see of Dans Decent Into Madness

  22. For anyone confused as to why the werewolf question was shoe polish, shoe polish has silver in it and silver is what kills werewolves

  23. I really miss Dan and Phil uploading on this channel, because there are so many games out there, that they could've made more videos. (I wish they'd come back to this channel, but that's highly unlikely)

  24. im still so glad they made an entire series out of this

  25. I knew Phil's power would come in handy!

  26. My go-to "I don't really want to answer honestly" : "I'll tell you when you get older."

  27. I love how the first question is just Dan enjoying Phil's confusion
    And then…

  28. I thought that by 'how many holes in a polo' they meant 'a polo SHIRT', which has FOUR holes; I didn't realise that they meant 'how many holes in *A POLO*'(1 hole in 'A', 1 in 'P', 1 in 'O' and another one in the other 'O')! OMG!!!

  29. This is sad to rewatch now that flash games are dead 😔

  30. this is a the beginning of Dan going completely insane👨‍🦯

  31. Oh my gosh after years I have finally just understood the December 2nd answer oh my days

  32. watching this series never fails to make me happy 🙂

  33. i had to feverishly pull up this video in the middle of the night because dan's barry scott impression has been living rent free in my brain foe the past few years

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