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Dan and Phil play THE IMPOSSIBLE QUIZ! #3 Reaction!!!

Dwayne N Jazz
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In today’s Episode of Couples Reacts we react to Dan and Phil play THE IMPOSSIBLE QUIZ! #3 and we are bringing this back for you og loyalists

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  1. Who else thinks they should either react to the internet is her by dan and Phil or monster cake pops by dan and Phil like and comment "yyyyaaaasssss" if u think they should do that

  2. its been literally months but im still gonna suggest it please react to danisnotonfire's "Top Dan Memes Of 2015" ily guys 💓

  3. The first Impossible quiz has 110 "questions"- but most of the aren't even real questions but things to do, like for example stroking Chris the cat

  4. React to new cyanide and happiness comp. plz🙃

  5. Please react to Danisnotonfire and Tyler Oakley playing Cards Against Humanity

  6. Ribena is juice that you dilute with water 🙂 it's really good, the original is blackcurrant flavoured but you can get other flavours

  7. so i took a break from watching you guys (because i felt like i watched too many videos) and i came back and hoLY crap youre gaining fast a



  10. Am I the only person that finds this quite boring?

  11. React to Dan and Phil's Monster Pops baking!

  12. Jasmine and Dwayne need to react to dan and phil baking which can be found on Phil's channel or Dan's channel, their Sims series or dan or Phil's draw my life. and no sadly dan and phil are not lovers they are best friends but i think they are secretly together. but most people ship dan and phil their ship name is phan.

  13. Please react to their Halloween Baking from this year!

  14. React to Dan and Phil's Spooky Baking video, Monster Pops

  15. Dear Dwayne N Jazz,

    The phandom loves you

    sincerely, just another phan

  16. Love your Dan and Phil reactions! But please react to Halloween baking monster pops video :))

  17. I usually don't watch reaction channels because I think they're boring but your guy's channel is surprisingly entertaining to watch :33

  18. React to Dan and Phil: Monster Pops!!!! ;D

  19. Ribena is a blackcurrant juice. Think of like grape juice, but 100 times better. 🙂

  20. Ribena is an English origin brand of blackcurrant-based uncarbonated and carbonated soft drink and fruit drink concentrate that until 2013 was produced by GlaxoSmithKline (GSK). – wikipedia ^-^

  21. Ribena is an English origin brand of blackcurrant-based uncarbonated and carbonated soft drink and fruit drink concentrate

  22. It'th thimble. Click the moth. It was the moss because every th means a s


  24. react to dan and phil's monster pops (halloween baking 2016)!!!!!

  25. 13:53 I feel offended, Insulted, and be trade!😿

  26. Ribina

    it's like a juice but it's make out of a cross between a grape and a cranberry and it's really healthy for you but it's only in the uk

  27. React to their newest baking video on AMAZINGPHIL channel!!

  28. just know that dan and phil are best friends not lovers!!!! cause u always think they are lovers and it anoynns me so much when u think they are lovers and they are close cause they live together sense 2011

  29. I Don't Know How But They Fucking Killed Me says:

    Please react to Brendon Uries best live vocals your ears will be amazed

  30. Wtf where do you live like who doesn't know what Ribena is?!?!???

  31. Ribena was my childhood, it’s basically a grape flavored water? Don’t quite remember, didn’t know it existed in Britain too.

  32. You guys should react to dan and phil singing compilation

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