Couple Reacts : CRAZY!! Dan and Phil : The Impossible Quiz LOL!! Reaction ! -

Couple Reacts : CRAZY!! Dan and Phil : The Impossible Quiz LOL!! Reaction !

Dwayne N Jazz
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  1. You guys should react to PAINT's After Ever After 1 and 2!

  2. You guys should react to PAINT's After Ever After 1 and 2!

  3. Please react to Dan and Phil reacting to their old videos!

  4. Fun fact for you two; Phil is 29 years old, and Dan is 25.


  6. Five Nights at Freddy's: Sister Location. Both of you wearing ear buds, volume as high as it can go.

  7. 10/10 would wear their Jodie's if they made some

  8. If you do the loyalist sweatshirts, may you do the youth sizes

  9. you guys are the only reaction channel i like

  10. React to Dan and Phil play five nights at Freddie's
    Phandom make this happen

  11. no they mean the letters or the polo sweet

  12. "I didn't say you were slow, I said you were stupid" 😂

  13. Asking about the hoodies and now you have them. <3

  14. The how many holes in a polo question is about the mints, not polo shirts hahaha and the answer is 4 bc the question means how many holes in A POLO (bc theres a hole in A,P,O, and O)

  15. The answer was "A Polo" because there is a hole in A, P, O, and O

  16. Pleeeaaasse, react to team Alboe, ”Minute to Win it”.
    I love this channel and I hope this gets to you.

  17. Am I the only one who hears "Dad and Phil" I'm not complaining tho because Dan is my dad

  18. sigh, you literally just reuploaded their videos. clickbait at its finest

  19. You guys need to do more dan and phil!

  20. Was it just me or was there an echo

  21. Guys! Why not watch Dan n Phil spooky week. You will love it I promise!

  22. I'm from the future and I'm here to tell you that they did in fact make the loyalist hoodies

  23. It's September 27,2017 D&J is at 934,022 subscribers

  24. You guys should react to Dan collab with Tyler Oakley!!! eather or both "Never Have I Ever" or "Watching Strange Porn" You'll laugh your butt off!!

  25. about the polo Phil thought it was one hole because of the polo sweet which has one hole in the middle

  26. The polo shirts thing you said jazz was wrong lol

  27. "dad and Phil"

    Am I the only one who heard that?

  28. that outro tho XD 1.5 million subs now, and this video was 2 years ago, so proud

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