Chris Hemsworth Takes A Marvel Cinematic Universe Quiz -

Chris Hemsworth Takes A Marvel Cinematic Universe Quiz

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It’s finally here! To celebrate his return as Thor in “Thor: Love and Thunder,” we had Chris Hemsworth put his Marvel Cinematic Universe knowledge to the test with this trivia quiz. Can you beat his score? Watch the video to see how well — or, um, not so well — he did and take the quiz alongside him, too! #ChrisHemsworth #ThorLoveAndThunder #marvel
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  1. I would get everything right in this lol! 💀😂

  2. The fact that he was qualified as a newcomer to the MCU when he is literally part of the OG Avengers is so funny🤣🤣

  3. I live that the only one he got right was a Tom line 😂

  4. Seeing all the celebrities fail terribly at MCU quizzes makes me anxious for not being busy like them in life.

  5. They could’ve at least gave him a fighting chance by finding a Thor quiz. You can’t expect all of the mcu actors to watch every movie. They’re busy people. MCU isn’t their life

  6. Why does he sound so dead in this interview

  7. Iman out there somewhere shaking her head 😂

  8. okay THIS IS SO FUNNY HIS reaction after getting them wrong he's so secretly angry inside LMFAO

  9. He looked bored throughout this entire thing

  10. Did you notice how is reading the answers clockwise (instead of reading from left to right line per line)? Is that an aussie thing (you know, bc they're upside down and all)? it's so funny 😀

  11. Kinda funny how one of the original MCU actors who's been around since pretty much the beginning scored almost as low as you could get, and yet Iman is brand new to the MCU but she'd ace literally every bit of Marvel trivia thrown at her lol

  12. i for sure thought peter parker was the last one to like vanish

  13. he should've smashed the iPad and yells "Another!"

  14. Quiz: ypur new to the mcu but you are having a blast catching up on the movies
    Thor aka Chris hemsworth: sure I am
    Also thor aka Chris hemsworth: a marvel character

  15. POV: you got them all right and you’re disappointed in Chris

  16. Bro literally have 4 stand alone movies, 4 avengers movies in total, the OG Avengers and been in the MCU for more than 10 years but still got call a newcomer 💀

  17. I like ho he says Nick Fury, Peter Parker, and then just Wanda because he can't pronounce her last name LOL

  18. Love and. Thunder is a wacky pile of shite

  19. They should never let them play this alone, it's hard to make content like this alone, I can feel Chris's pain lol

  20. It was Peter Parker because the scrolls pretended to be nick fury that’s why the badge thing is on the floor

  21. i answered 4/6 i guess i am kinda smarter than him even though i am not even 18 yet

  22. You know Chris dropped out when he gets the questions wrong instantly

  23. The only one in it longer is RDJ 😭 mans is an MCU veteran

  24. I have the same birthday as Chris Hemsworth August 11

  25. Lmao que couldn’t care LESS about this whole thing

  26. I got all the quiz correct. I honk Chris lost his role and I got it 😆😆😆😆😆

  27. Poor Chris has been in so many his roladex is overwhelmed. He tried, love you for it.

  28. I got 5-6 i didnt play attention to the wonda show

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