Chance VS Impossible quiz -

Chance VS Impossible quiz

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Chance decided to do the impossible quiz. Went better than expected.

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song in the outro is Can’t Stop Won’t Stop – Up and Away (feat. June) – check it out

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  1. "I cant google it, that would be cheating" casually waits for chat to tell him the answer

  2. When it said "Click on the smallest" I guess chunces dick was too small to be the answer.

  3. Think god this isn't an IQ test this shit is easy i think you might just be stupid bro lol okay but at the end it just became stupid

  4. i have a video of chance getting scared from the VR Stream

    Horror gamee

  5. How come you didn't know the stop hammer time one

  6. Good old Soda… I love when he sing to remember the Alphabet. lol

  7. "I mean I could cheat but that's cheating" -Sodapoppin 2013

  8. "I could cheat but that's cheating" WELL NO SHIT SHERLOCK!

  9. I can cheat but thats cheating…

  10. i think im getting cancer watch you fail this easy shit

  11. Jesus if it's one word that should be taught in schools is the word shallot. A root of an onion is called a shallot. Not saying people are stupid for not knowing that but you ask anyone what a shallot is and they go dumb.

  12. Every new question: "Ah man, I don't know, what do you guys think?" Man, how is he so smart

  13. He didn't even get "a bun dance" neither the part with mice wtf ^^ I don't know why people have to ruin this game by spamming the correct answers, this is SO boring to watch in comparison to Pewdiepie's video:I


  15. Uh so painful, He didnt get any references.

  16. "i could cheat, but that would be cheating"

  17. 24:17 chat
    xxx:n word
    xxx:new game
    xxx:n word

    xxx:<message deleted>
    good job mods

  18. back here years later hearing "prepare you assholes ladies and gentlemen, there's an LCS tournament" and the whole site would lag and it was awful. good times

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