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Celestia Plays The Impossible Quiz (I blame Discord)

Envia Sun
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“Did you take your eyeballs off and stick them on a roll of toilet paper?” ~Celestia 2018

HAPPY 4TH OF JULY GUYS!! 😀 It’s been an eternity (three months) since I’ve uploaded anything, but I’m still alive! Decided to make some more Tia content due to it being so highly requested ^^ I apologize if there were any editing mistakes; I didn’t get to check through the whole vid cause it was over 20 minutes long xD Hope you enjoy, and thanks for watching!

Comment down below any games you’d like Celestia to play next or maybe some videos to react to! ^^ (I might have some reactions to MLP:FiM S8 episodes cooking)

Tia voice and vectors by me
Tia thumbnail pic:



  1. there is 110 questions in total there's 100 but due to the hot 10 100+10=110

  2. Alternative title : Celestia losing her sanity for 24 minutes and 5 seconds

  3. Looks like someone wants to marry Discord😏


  5. The impossible quiz exists in the play store. It's just as annoying as the first but it's all new questions geared for touch screens. And it saves your place every 10 (you loose on 23 you start over at 20)

  6. No and I got Pun-shed buduum Ching! No? Fine

  7. Scootaloo actually played this game before you and in the first few quizzes you kind of did it kind of not but I don’t know how schooling got a little bit smarter than you on the first quiz

  8. But then you got a little bit smarter than scootaloo

  9. I love how in the "what is Celestia" thing, the LEAST CHOSEN ANSWER as pony. 🤣

  10. You should have Twilight play this to "test her ability to think outside the box"
    Like if you agree.

  11. Cliff th chic chc hh bnii sax fhhc chc chcc hjvvvvvvvvvvvvv

    Vbnkkhxhhxhxhxhhx hxhdhdhhfhfhfhhchdhfhhfhhfhfhfhhfhfhhfhfho9ooooooooooooooooooooo mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmk ggggggggggggghhghggggghghg

  12. I want to know what is this song at the beginning

  13. Princess celestia where is princess more a credenza

  14. Actually You quickly moved your mouse toward the blue

  15. Discord: Yea, I can play that game easily then you..
    Celestea: Can you now??
    (I'm 13 years old.)

  16. Can you react to Optimus Prime versus Megatron Transformers Prime

  17. I can see a rainbow in your tears as they fall on down
    Get it ?
    Switch it .
    As your tears fall down I can see a rainbow
    Let's complete the sentence
    As ur tears fall down I can see a rainbow as u also loose the game
    That was such a dead joke but others think it's funny hehehe

  18. the portal master a magical not mix King dice head turn into a ignoramus wheel for the arrest of ask says:

    I am derp I want you to play with Celeste Celestia and Luna play together a multiplayer game and one screams cuz it's Mario

  19. Hi, I read comments saying that you were going to make a video with updates on several things on your channel, so hey, when are you going to make the video about several things on your channel? I've been waiting 6 months

  20. I just realized I used to watch you all the time as a kid- now u do the owl house stuff, my favourite show

  21. This 8s litterrely impooooooooooooooossible how are u getting this u 1000 year old alicorn and u don't know what you are?!

  22. I love ponys you are a PONYYYYYYYYYYY OH MY GODDDDDDDDDD

  23. Hi have a great day 🌈🍓🦄🍩🍉🍭🍪

  24. Wait so your telling me that b word field is A PLACE NOW OK

  25. 19:35 Ma'am thats Wingdings- (Im sorry if this was rude :>)

  26. Princess Celestia:I could've sworn that was the color of Twilight
    Twilight Sparkle:What the- ENVIA SUN!
    Envia sun:What are you blaming me for ?,Ugh,fine.
    Envia sun:I'll just–
    💻:53-4 =%49/100÷70=A.090.@13,y.CHAD (A.090.@13+y.CHAD=Z.CQA.e13 *Wi-fi screen failure in progress**wi-fi screen failure complete *
    Screen:*failed *No its not.

  27. Princess celestia can you download yandere simulator after you download it you need to try it first

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